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The Island of Pythagoras and heady wine…
The forests of pines and oil trees, the picturesque settlement sand and the immense beaches, combined with the colour of tiles and sea, form island magical picture.
Samos, the island of goddess Hera, has a history that begins in antiquity.
Birthplace of Pythagoras of Samos, a Greek philosopher, mathematician, and founder of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism.

Samos ….an Island that stands out and “intoxicates” us with its sweet wine!

Samos is located in the North Aegean sea, south of Chios, north of Dodecanese, and off the coast of Asia Minor.
The capital of the island is Bathi, the city with maze streets, houses in new neoclassical architecture, historical churches, like St. Spiridonas and St. Irina, also Archaeological and Byzantine Museums.
The most interesting place for seeing is the Heraion, the biggest archaeological place on the island. According to the legend here was born and lived Hera, the mother of Olympic Gods. There is also you can see the ruins of the “Imvrassia Hera,” one of the largest temples of the ancient world.
It is also worth visiting the villages of Pyrgos and Marathokambos and the city Karlovasi. Near the exotic Seintania there is area where there are waterfalls and a beautiful habitat, streams and lakes.
You can travel also to the Pithagoreion (the ancient capital of the island) and to the Kokkari where are going madly tourist to amaze the beautiful nature.

The picturesque bays, the beaches with crystal waters and bays will surprise you and enchant visitors. Near the town, you can go to the beaches Gagou and Mourtia.
There are also Kokkari, Karlovasi, Marathokampo, Votasalakia and Lemonakia.
In Pithargio you will find Potokaki and Heraion.
In the southeast part of the island there are Michali and Psili Ammos.
Beaches are well hidden and are need a little trouble to discover them!

In the church of Zoodoxou Phghs,that is located in the east part of the island you can see the exquisitely carved, gilded iconostasis of 1802.
In the Moni Timiou Megalhs Panagias, that was built in 1586, and now is the richest chrch on the island you can see the valuable icons.
In Moni Timiou Stavro, that was built in 1592, are preserved rare ecclesiastical relics.
If you have an automobile you can go to the Ampelos and to have a rest in the white chapel of Prophet Elias with incredible views (the mountain took its name from the vineyards that cultivated since ancient times).

What else can you see there?
The Tower of Logotheti in the harbor of the Pythagorieon and the Tower Sarakinis in the Heraion are needed to see.

If you will go there in summer and you like the classical music do not lose your time and go to the festival “Manolis Kalomiris”, you will spend your time amazing!

There are many hotels and apartments on the island Samos, also a lot of restaurants where you can taste the Greek traditional dishes. There are also traditional taverns that are situated in small villages, where you can taste the local dishes.

Do not forget to taste and get drunk with sweet samian vine…. You will be surprised!!!!
The night life and entertainment: best places to dance and to relax are Vathi, Karlovathi, Pithagoreion.

The products of Samos:
The traditional product of the island is the samian wine, that is well known like OPE and more than a century is the best ambassador of Greek wine in the international market. There are a lot of the other products like ouzo (greek vodka), oil, olives, oranges, ceramic things and wood boats.

Discover all the villages of the island. Enjoy swimming in the sea, fishing and diving.
Friends of windsurfing prefer the north side of the island because of the winds.

Places to seeing:
Every day from the harbour of the Pithargoreion you can go with the guided tour boats to the verdant island Samiopoula.
Also you can go to the tours on the neighbor’s islands like Fournous, Ikaria.

How to get tο Samos
By Boat
The island’s two main ports are Vathy and Karlovasi. There is daily connection with Ikaria, the Cyclades and Piraeus to both ports. Is also connection with North Aegean islands and the Dodekanese, once a week. From Samos you can take a daily transfer to Turkey/ Kusadasi, operated by 2 Greek and 2 Turkish boats.
Samos Port Authority, t.22730 27318 and 27890
By Air airplane
Samos Airport is located 4 kms west of Pythagorio and the taxi transfer costs around €15.
There are daily flights (3 times/ day) from Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”, (cost of tkt is €41-€102/ one way), weekly flights to Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Chios, Lesvos, Limnos and only during the high summer season daily charter flights (England, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, Swiss and Scandinavian countries).
– Olympic Air: Tel.: +30 210 3550500 and 8018010101

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