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Lasithi is a different angle of Crete. The area got its name from the Plateau of Lasithi, located in the mountains of Diktis at an altitude about 850. This is an almost perfect level with a maximum length of 10 km and 5 km wide! It is full of vegetable gardens and has about 10,000 windmills! It is the largest and highest plateau of Greece!

Agios Nikolaos
Agios Nikolaos is situated in the beautiful harbor Merampellou (Venetians were you will be amazed from the beauty that has this place and gave it the name Mirabello – Look good), on the north-eastern part of Lathisi.
The name Agios Nikolaos was taken from the people who lived in the place of Agios Nikolaos in the 8 century where was situated the small hersonissos. The main beauty is the harbor that connects the city with the sea. Agios Nikolaos is the international cosmopolitan centre and every year invites a lot of guests. There are many shops where guests of the island can find different traditional things of the creation cultural, the copies of the things from the agrological museums, jewelry etc. In Agios Nikolaos is located the Marina European specifications and dimensions where going all the people who like to tour on the yachts from the every corner of the Earth. Every year here organize the international yacht matces.

Ierapetra is the north city of Greece and you would enjoy the Libyan Sea! It is the forth big town of Crete and has 36 km from Agios Nikolaos and 104 km from Heraclion. It is one modern beach town where the citizens mainly deal with agricultural. Apart from olive trees, raisins and almonds, the town Ierapetra has perhaps the largest production of early vegetables. In Ierapetra you will see the Venetian fortress at the harbor, Kale, Medieval Mosque with great fountain, the Ottoman School (Mechtepi) and the old Cretan house in Kato Mera where was hosted Napoleon.

Sitia has it is own charm. It is the homeland of Bitsentzou Cornaro – the Greek poet and author of “Erotokritos” and Sitiathe home of Myson, one from the seven sages of antiquity. It is a tourism city but still maintains peace and quiet. Sitia is built like an amphitheater on a hillside and is located 129 km from Heraklion, 64 km from Agios Nikolaos and 61 from Ierapetra. The renovation of the beach with palm trees along the harbor makes the city more beautiful and more romantic.
The volcanic, as they are called the inhabitants of Sitia, are cheerful and hospitable, ready for feasts and celebrations.
Apart from the Archaeological and Folklore Museum in Sitia you will find the Museum – Exhibition of local products including the famous oil “Sitia”, the famous “Cretan local wine” and the raki.
The port of Sitia is part of Crete associated with the Dodecanese, because from here are going ferries to Karpathos and Rhodes.

Elounda, 11 km north of Agios Nicholas. The fishing village gave its name to the beautiful resort, cosmopolitan area with its luxury hotels, that is now a well-known tourist destination.
Vai, 98 km east of Agios Nikolaos. The famous beach of Crete is known worldwide of the surrounding palms and is the largest in Europe! The landscape consists of… huge exotic palms and clear blue waters.! If you want you can rich the nearby beach Erimoupolis.
Agia Fotia 4 km east of Sitia – is a small coastal village with a pristine beach and crystal waters.
Myrtos is a suitable resort for families which attracts mostly European tourists.
Koutsounari –is a huge wide sandy beach.
Makrigialos is a beautiful seaside village with clean sand. It is the largest beach on Crete.
Other beaches that complete the puzzle are Itanos, Ierapetra Notia and Anatoliki, Sitia and two pleasant surprises – Tholos and Zakros beaches.

We recommend you…
The island-fortress of Spinalongka -Visit the island-fortress of Spinalongka reported like “small Gibraltar”.
-Visit Kritsa where you will see the scene of the film by Dassen “Christ Recrucified”.
-The church of Panaghia in Kera. Here you will see the different pictures that are writing on the walls which were sacrificed through many centuries and epochs and now these are the most significant on Crete.
-Go for a walk to the mountains of Katharou where if you will go deeper you can see the jaws of hippos and dwarf elephants. All here it is like prehistoric heritage!
-Diktaion Antron or the cave of Psixrou.Is located over the village of Psuxrou in the mountains of Lathisi in altitude of 1,024. This is the most significant archeological place on Crete that is connects with the birth of Zeus and so this gave the name to this place like Diktiaon.
-You have to visit on the boat the small island Xrisi (Gaidouronisi). The island has the maximum width 1 km and the length 5 km. The cedars form a forest of 350 acres and it is worth to go for a walk.
– The village Anatoli receives the first rays of morning and offers the most amazing view of the Southern Cretan Sea!
– The gorge of Xa is a feature of the area. It is considered a rare morphological phenomenon of Nature. The entrance is very narrow, about 3 meters with a length of 1,000 m
– The Episkopi. The village has a cheerful friendly locals and a green square with plane trees, cafes where you can enjoy the good Cretan cuisine, delicacies and raki.
– The archaeological site Zakrou at 41 km from Sitia, a cove in the bay with pebble beach. There, you will see the fourth largest Minoan palace of Crete it is the only one that was left looted.

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