A Story of Three Generations!

“LOULOUDIS WINERY" encompasses three generations of grape growing and winemaking experience since 1920.

Our story

“LOULOUDIS WINERY» was founded nearly 100 years ago by Antonis Louloudis. The company is based in Dafnes, Heraklion, Crete.

The journey to «LOULOUDIS WINERY" started in 1920 when Grandfather Antonis Louloudis, with meager means for that time, cultivates in family vineyards the first grape varieties of liatiko, takta and kotsifali vines.

In 1974 his sons undertake the management and upgrade the winery.

1999: Following in the footsteps of his father & grandfather, Antonis Louloudis (Managing Director and Third Generation Winemaker) oversees all aspects of the business and planted in the vineyards new local, Greek and international grape varieties such as muscat spinas, thrapsathiri, vidiano, plyto, syrah, merlot, sauvignon blank etc.

Over the next few years with careful consideration of our particular environment of Crete, Antonis Louloudis began the gradual process of vineyard regeneration. In 2012, the state-of-the-art winery is inaugurated; the wine is stored in stainless steel tanks and is aged in oak barrels.

That’s three generations of innovation, achievement and winemaking excellence. It’s their passion, work, and our way of life.

A new era rises just before the 100th anniversary of the winery

Antonis Louloudis (Managing Director and Third Generation Winemaker)


LOULOUDIS WINERY offers 7 new bottled wine labels, created with a lot of care and passion.


  • Great King
  • Bad Bird
  • Vidiano
  • Dithyrambos
  • Semi-sweet Red Wine
  • Semi-sweet White Wine
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