Welcome to Evia Island

Come across……. welcome to Evia Island!

Evia, the second largest island of Greece and the third in the eastern Mediterranean, is located close to Attica. However, it has a somewhat mainland character, since two bridges – the modern, suspended one and the older, sliding one – link it to mainland Greece, called “Sterea Ellada”. Evia has wonderful beaches, a pleasant climate,renowned monuments, many thermal sources and tasty food and is a wonderful holiday and vacation destination that is ideal for all types of holidays throughout the year!

“Come across” is the slogan which has estblished Evia many years now, targeting mainly the residents of Attica and the rest of Greece, but why not Europe…or even Russia?

Highlight: Immerse yourself into natural therapeutic waters!

Accommodation: Choose among family run pensions, welcoming guesthouses or luxurious hotels and spas.

Evia Island-info

From Halkida, the capital of the island, the roads lead you either to the most developed touristic area of green north Evia, either the most unknown but authentical area of southern Evia. The altered landscape is of rare beauty –110 beautiful beaches of Euboic Gulf and Aegean Sea, among them the well knownHiliadou and the large beach of Agia Anna, lush mountains like Ochi and Dirfis, rivers with dreamy gorges like the Dimosari gorge, dense forests like Platania andSteni (with ski centre). Traditional villages like Kymi, Karystos with the Kokkinokastro (red castle), Limni (lake) with its natural harbor, Rovies with its plane trees, Edipsos with its thermal spas, Eretria with its Archeological Museum, the temple of Apollo and the House of the Mosaics, the deserted villages of Kafirea andHalkida the Strait of Euripus with the interesting Archeological Museum and the lively nightlife, are some of the many charming places of Evia. The mysterious Drakospita (Dragon Houses) at StyraLihadonisia, the twin’ Venetian towers of Mitika and the monasteries of St. John the Russian, St.George Ilionand Galataki are some points of interest that can fulfill the interests of the visitors of the island.

Evia, the unknown neighbor of Athens, proves that it is not only a nearby destination for a trip or vacations…but a whole world that “wins” you forever…


The island can be reached by ship, bus, car or train. There is also a suburban railway connection.

It is an affordable choise to get to the island by car and to cross over in 45 min (from Athens), covering a distance of88 km so as to get to Halkida (the bridge of Halkida is open all year round), or by ship from one of the six ferries (Rafina, Agia Marina, Skala Oropou, Arkitsa, Agios Konstantinos).


  • Halkida
  • Kimi
  • Eretria
  • St. John the Russian


  • Nea Styra
  • Marmari
  • Karystos
  • Almyropotamos Beach


  • Edipsos Hot Thermal Springs
  • Pefki
  • Limni
  • Rovies
  • Agia Anna Beach
  • Forest Villages