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Beautiful town, with vivid insular colors. It has white houses with two floors and yards with flowers. The town has great history as well as peculiar architectural character. Characteristic are the arches of its buildings as well as the square with the cannons and a very high shady plane-tree. It is built on two low hills, while in the center of its port there is a rock, nowadays named Marathonisi or else Chelonaki, with its breakwater. This rock is the historical islet of Sfaktiria.

Ancient Pylos
It was situated north-west of the city and it became significant during the Peloponnesian War. It isn`t the prehistoric Pylos of king Nestoras, which took part in the Trojan War, reported by the historian Thucydides. On the ancient acropolis there are remains of the Roman, Protochristian and Hellenistic years, as well as traces of the city`s fortification and ruins of tomb, which, according to the tradition, belonged to Thracimidis, son of Nestoras.
Pylos -Town, History/Messinia Peloponnese
Palace of Nestor – the Mycenaean palace at Pylos
The little islands of Navarino Bay: Tsichli-Baba, Sphacteria, Chelonaki
Pylos Castles
Voidokilia Beach

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The harbor of Pylos is one of the largest and safest harbors in the world, with a length of 4800 m and a width of 3600 m. The sea reaches 50 meters depth. The island of Sphaktiria in front of the bay of Navarino, serves as a natural breakwater. In the south of the island is located the islet of Pylos or Tsichli-baba or Fanari. There, in 1890 the French Republic constructed ​​a monument for the French dead of the Naval Battle of Navarino. In the center of the bay of Navarino lies the islet of Chelonisi or Chelonaki that was named so due to its shape that resembles to a turtle. Over Chelonisi was erected a monument for the English dead men of the Naval Battle of Navarino. At the edge of the settlement, in the southern part of the bay, dominates Niokastro, one of the best-preserved fortresses in Greece with beautiful pine trees and important monuments, which is an excellent example of military architecture from the 16th century onwards. In Niokastro is housed the building of Pasha, the Museum of Underwater Antiquities, a new museum with important archaeological treasures of the seas and shipwrecks of the Peloponnese. The barracks of Maison, the rectangular two-storey stone building, which you will see on your left as you enter the castle, is used by the marine antiquities center. At a central point rises the church of the Transfiguration of the Savior. The walk on the road around Niokastro unfolds magnificent views over the bay of Navarino and the open sea of the Ionian.

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