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..the Venetian Charm

On the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese there is one of the most impressive medieval castles of Greece. It is located in a beautiful small town. Golden beaches and olive groves are spread in the neighborhood, with quiet old villages scattered among them. The Oinousses archipelago lies nearby. One of the islands is named Sapientza; it is full of charming secrets.

Methoni would have been a simple, picturesque coastal town of Messinia, if it did not have this extremely photogenic castle, surrounded by the sea. The castle makes Methoni one of the most famous travel destinations in the Peloponnese. The town deserves to be discovered by strolling on its narrow streets, beneath the beautiful iron balconies, walking among houses with arches, neoclassical buildings, squares with palm trees, the Venetian well on the Syngrou Square, lemon trees and flowered gardens. Of course all the paths eventually will lead you to the castle that controlled for several centuries one of the most important passages of the Mediterranean.
For swimming you can choose the beach of Methoni with view to the Venetian castle!
See the castles of Methoni and Koroni

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