Stoupa, Kardamili - Messinian Mani (Outer or Exo Mani)

Stoupa, Kardamili - Messinian Mani (Outer or Exo Mani)

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the Paradise of Mental Pleasures
Fall in love with the sea coast of Mani, enjoy peaceful holidays in Stoupa, visit the old town of Kardamili, located on the heavenly green peninsula, which is lost among the olive trees, pines and cypresses. The visitors are impressed and pleasantly surprised by the quick change of scenery in Messinian Mani. Cliffs, caves and canyons tie with olive groves, picturesque beaches, bays and islets.

The castle of Stoupa, the tower houses of old Kardamili, the islet of Kardamili, stone paths, fountains, bridges and Byzantine churches scattered in the villages, give special character to this area. Colors and scents of various wildflowers and herbs (the area is a true paradise of herbs and aromatic plants, with more than 1000 species) welcome the visitors during all year.
The climate of the area is warm Mediterranean, with mild winters and much sunshine.
Mani is a unique all year round tourist destination!
Perfect beaches for swimming in the crystal clear waters are: Ritsa, Kalamitsi, Stoupa, Katafigi and Pantazi.
For beach life you can prefer the popular beach of Kalogria, and for rest and relax the unique beach of Foneas with an impressive rock in its center.
Hotels, tower houses and apartments providing ideal environment and services, can be found throughout the Messinian Mani. Taverns and restaurants offer excellent traditional dishes based on local cuisine and ingredients.
Kardamili is located approximately 30 km from Kalamata, while Stoupa is about 6 km farther.
– You wish to taste fresh fish right from the fisherman’s net; all you have to do is to visit the harbor of Agios Nikolaos.
– If you dream of a romantic dinner right on the seafront, the area of Kitries is a perfect place for you.
– For ecological explorations walk through the Viros Gorge and pick up yourself the herbs of Taygetos.
– Visit the mountain village of Kastania, the oldest one in Mani, built between the three mountains.
– Go up to the village of Pyrgos Lefktrou in order to take pictures of the Messinian Mani coastline.
– Do you know that according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest European woman is Greek and her origin is from Mani? Her name is Zaharoula Foundea, she is 118 years old, and lives in Kardamili together with her 78-year-old son Christos.

Maybe it is the time to move to Mani?
Author Mary Tsikoura

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Messinian Mani (Outer or Exo Mani)
Mountainous landscape of Mani
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