Peloponnese at a glance

Peloponnese at a glance

Things to do - general

The Peloponnese is situated on a peninsula that makes up the most southern part of mainland Greece. It is an area of outstanding beauty which combines centuries of mythology and history. Split into several regions, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy on their holidays. The northwest is rich in history and is an excellent base for sightseeing. It is also home to the archaeological site of Olympia, an ancient town with much historical interest.
Who holidays in Peloponnese?
If you want to experience some of the finest ancient ruins in Greece and spend your leisure time soaking up the sun, holidays in Peloponnese are for you.

A trip round it is always an enjoyable experience, one made up of several sorter forays off the main road in quest of an ancient site, a Frankish castle, the perfect beach, a traditional village, or a breathtaking view. You’ll encounter towns of various degrees of importance, harbours big and small, strips of tourist development and remote untouched areas, major monuments from the ancient world and delightful vestiges of more recent eras. Natural landmarks abound as well -famous caves, high mountains, and legendary lakes – and combined with all the opportunities for recreation and entertainment available, you ‘ll.

Find in the Peloponnese more than enough to keep you busy for several holidays. And don’t forget you can also extend your trip at several point and hop off to an island or two.

Elafonisos and Kythera may tempt those who travel to Gytheion and the Mani, while Zakynthos, Cephalonia and Ithaca can be reached from Kyllini and Patras.

The western part of the Peloponnese is lined with beaches, and we’ll take the opportunity to pop over to Zakynthos and Cephalonia while we’re in the vicinity. Further south and a bit island, Olympia is a must, followed by the beaches and sights of Messinia, the Mani and Laconia.

From there we’ll head up the shores of Arcadia to Kynouria, spending some time visiting the magnificent archaeological sites in the Argolid, which will bring us up to Corinth and the Isthmus and where, of course, we could just as easily have started.

Home to spectacular countryside, magnificent beaches, sun-kissed shores and fascinating culture, the Peloponnese is a fabled region that has become one of the most exclusive and stimulating destinations in Europe
This large peninsula in the south of Greece is the birthplace of legends and civilizations, with a history that embraces the Mycenaeans, Spartans, Romans, Venetians, and the Byzantines, all drawn here over the millennia because of the region’s beauty, wealth, and strategic location.
The temperate autumn climate in the Peloponnese makes it the perfect time to hike, bike and explore the history and outstanding natural beauty of this fascinating region of Greece.
As Greece’s many islands shut down for another year, the Peloponnese enjoys an extended season, with adventurous visitors able to take advantage of great walking and lighter crowds at the regions multitude of historical monuments.
Temperatures still tip the mercury at a very pleasant 25 degrees Celsius well into October so there is even the chance for a week on the beach within a three hour flight of the Moscow.
The opportunities for exploration are dotted right across the region, from the craggy highlands to the dazzling coastline and every adventure will turn up a different historical discovery.

Must See, Do

– Mycenae
– Epidavros
– Olympia
– Nafplion
– The Mani
– Monemvassia
– Mystras

Save it for next time
If your time is short, save these attractions for a second visit:
– Tiryns
– Sparta
– Corinth Canal
– Diros Caves
– Castles of Pylos, Methoni and Koroni
– Waterfalls of Polylimnio
– The Arcadia’s picturesque villages

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