Welcome to Achaia

Welcome to Achaia

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Achaia… a gifted land that promises a vacation of dreams!
Achaia is an area of Peloponnese, which offers to the traveller anything he wishes for: winter and summer vacations, frantic fun and simultaneously tranquillity, history and culture, while Patras Carnival is known through out the world!
Explore the breathtaking scenery ……
Achaia is part of the region of West Greece and is situated in the north-western part of the Peloponnese peninsula.
Achaia borders Elis to the southwest, Arcadia to the south, and Corinthia to the southeast. The Gulf of Corinth lies to its northeast, and the Gulf of Patras to its northwest.

The capital city of the region is Patras (the third largest city in Greece, behind Athens and Thessaloniki) and is well known as a busy port.
Patras is not only a busy modern city but also the main ferry gate for Western Europe, also boasting for the most spectacular bridge in Greece, Rio Bridge connecting Peloponnese and Central Greece. The city of Patras is visited mostly during the carnival because of the carnival festivities. Apart from the carnival, Patra is a Greek, Mediterranean city, with pleasant climate, providing its visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the famous Greek summer. The visitor may indulge himself in sunbathing, at the wonderful nearby beaches, spending some of his time to learn the interesting history of Patras.
The higher mountains of the region of Achaia are Panachaiko, Aroania and Erymanthos.
Achaia has hot summers and mild winters.
Snow is very common during the winter on the mountains and rainfalls on the lowlands.
The coastline is dotted with hotels and restaurants and the region is a good starting point of road trips on Peloponnese and Ionian Islands.

The parade of the coastal villages
All the beaches of the prefecture of Achaia are next to a… parade of villages, which seem connected around indented shores. These picturesque villages are a good choice to spend your holidays.
Not to miss
The famous Carnival of Patras, especially if you’re fans of endless dancing and wild amusement…


– The impressive Rio-Antirio Bridge – the World’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge… It crosses the Gulf of Corinth near Patras, linking the town of Rion on the Peloponnese to Antirion on mainland Greece
– The major cities of Patras and Aigio
– Saint Andreas Cathedral: The two (new and old) churches, next to each other, consist one of the most holy places in Greece. The small church was erected about1836-1843 at the spot where saint Andreas (the First called), the patron saint of the city – died as a martyr. The new church was founded in 1908 and it is the largest and most artistic in the Balkans.
– The Roman Odeon
– The Archaeological Museum
– The Achaia Claus “old wine factory”

– The attractive winter resort of Kalavryta
– The Monastery of Agia Lavra The most famous monastery in Greece because it was here that the war of Independence of 1821 actually started.
– The Monastery of Mega Spileo (it means “Big Cave”) is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The famous icon of Virgin Mary is treasured there.
– The Holocaust Museum

– The church of Panagia Trypiti is only a few km far away of Aigio, tucked into a crevice in a rock. Inside it you can see the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary.
– The Aristarchus Telescope on top of Mount Helmos.

The natural attractions: Vouraikos Canyon, the Water of Styx and the Cave of the Lakes.
– “The Cave of the lakes” is wonderful cave that situated near Kastria village, not far away from Kalavryta. It is a rare creation of nature; its exclusively unique characteristic is the string of cascading lakes in 3 levels!

– A narrow gauge railway track runs for 30 km, mainly as a tourist attraction that begins near Kalavryta and ends off Diakopto.

– The lovely village of Zachlorou
– The area of Klitoria Planitero an ideal weekend destination
– Aigialia the marvellous green countryside by the sea

How to get to Achaia
Visitors have numerous options for getting to Patras the capital city of Achaia.
Here you can find more information:

By Airplane:
Patras is served by domestic and international flights by the Araxos Airport, located 45kms from Patras.
There are flights to and from Herakleion (Crete) and Thessalonica as well as International charter flights (especially during the summer months).
Via Corfu by air: There are frequent charter flights from most European countries to Corfu and then directly to Patras by seaplane (40′).

By Car:
From Athens via the Korinthos/Patras National Road

By Bus:
Patras is connected to almost the entire Greek territory by interurban buses (KTEL).
In Athens the buses depart from the Kifissos Bus Station and the terminal is called KTEL of Peloponnese.

By Train:
Patras is connected by rail to Athens and Piraeus as well as to Pyrgos and Kalamata.
If you board the train from Piraeus/Kiato (proastiakos) you will need to change at Kiato.
The journey by train from Athens lasts about 3.5-4 hours
The train terminal in Athens is called “Larissa station” (Stathmos Larissis).

By Ship:
The Port of Patras is connected by a number of daily routes to the following cities:
Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Trieste, Venice – Corfu, Igoumenitsa, Zakynthos, Cephalonia.
Patra Port Authorities: +30 2610 341002
(There are more than 50 departures and arrivals within the week.)

Distances from Patras to:
Araxos Airport: 75 km
Athens 216 km
Thessaloniki: 490 km
Corinthos 141 km
Sparti 210 km
Pyrgos 97 km
Tripoli 171 km
Kalavryta 90 km
Aigio 35 km
Olympia 115 km
Mesolongi 49 km

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