Welcome to Peloponnese

Welcome to Peloponnese

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A Greek classic! Ancient castles and warm hospitality…..
The peninsula of Peloponnese situated on the southernmost tip of mainland Greece, technically an island once divided by the Corinth Canal, and linked with the Rio – Antirio Brid (the world’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge).
It includes the prefectures of Arcadia, Argolida, Corinthia, Laconia, Messinia, Achaia and Ilia – each one has its own beauty and all compose the magnificent landscape of Peloponnese!
Apel-mapccessed by air and sea through Athens to the airport of Kalamata, by sea via Patras connecting Peloponnese with the Ionian Islands as well as Italy, by ferries reaching Monemvasia, by train to connect Athens with Patras or by car and regular bus services, Peloponnese is a dazzling and far-fetched holiday destination waiting for you to explore it!

What’s special about the Peloponnese? “Everything.”
Peloponnese is a place for all seasons….is a sacred ground that combines the scent of the sea, the mountains, olive trees, and vineyards. A wild and beautiful setting for ancient myths of gods and heroes, it is also home to some of the pinnacles of human civilisation, from the temples and sports grounds of the original Olympic Games to intimate Byzantine churches and monasteries.

The land echoes to a host of famous names, from Mycenae and Corinth through Ancient Sparta and Olympia….The castles of Peloponnese are famous, most eminent among them are those of Acrocorinth, Karitena, Kalamata, Koroni, and most picturesque of all, the castle of Methoni. Nafplion is one of Greece’s loveliest and most delightful towns….Imagine a marriage proposal….or your wedding here or in Monemvasia… You Couldn’t Say No…

Rich in history and mythology, and largely unspoilt, it has a mountainous heart, and fringes of headlands, bays, and sandy beaches. Yet it is surprisingly easy to get around on a Peloponnese holiday, by road and even by rail. The Peloponnese is worthy of your visit from side to side and from corner to corner.

The beauty of the Peloponnese has not been spoiled by the years….
pelThis is what the Peloponnese is all about. As time goes by, this destination becomes more and more attractive to the visitors who are seeking to explore an authentic and pure land. A destination that is originally Greek. Free yourself from what typically constitutes a Greek summer on the islands and get ready for an alternative experience that you will never forget

Explore the Peloponnese!
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