Welcome to Epirus

Welcome to Epirus

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Travel to the past and to the present… and experience everything in a unique place!

After returning from my trip to Epirus I believe that one word is enough … it is EXCITING! The nature of Epirus fascinates you with its amazing changes of scenery. Towering mountain peaks with lush forests and majestic wild landscapes mingle with beautiful coasts of the Ionian Sea. Traditional villages with the stone bridges washed by the rivers with crystal clear waters, create fairy tale pictures one can hardly forget…

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Ionian coastline of Epirus
Epirus is famous for many things … For the warm hospitality of its people, for the delicious local food and, of course, for the abundant beauty, endowed generously by the nature. However the most beautiful treasure of Epirus is hidden in its Ionian coastline! Here the beaches are truly unique, since they cover hundreds of kilometers of the crystal clear blue sea. This huge coastline is bathed by the Ionian Sea. It starts from Igoumenitsa in the North and ends just below Preveza in the south.
We are talking about many, many kilometers of beaches!

  • Ammoudia Beach
  • Beaches Vrahos & Loutsa
  • Parga
  • Preveza
  • Sivota
  • Igoumenitsa

Mountain destinations of Epirus
The Ionian coastline of Epirus can be considered as a shining diamond, but the “crude” one that possesses the timeless beauty, is hidden in its mountains. The discovery of the mountain peaks and the stone villages is an adventure for senses and feelings. Exploring local rivers and gorges, you feel dizzy and get filled with awe of God’s creation. Bathing in the natural springs and sunbathing on the slate slabs, local delicacies under the shady plane trees, white water rafting and hiking in the lush landscapes… all this is Epirus…
The works of the Epirote stone builders, scattered for centuries in this place, speak for themselves about their architectural value.
The stone is the dominant material. Churches, bell towers, mansions, towers, fountains, single-arched and multiple-arched old bridges, cobbled roads… as you face all these buildings, you remain amazed in front of their beauty and magnificence.
Welcome to the mountainous Epirus!
Ioannina – the capital… and the beautiful city
Sources of the Acheron River – the river can be crossed also by foot
Metsovo – an exciting journey in the Alpine landscapes
Zagorohoria – 46 villages, well hidden “behind the mountain”, with many fanatic admirers.
Tzoumerka – 47 villages, famous for their authentic beauty
Mastorohoria (Konitsa area) perfect for the adrenaline hunters.
Everywhere in Epirus you will find accommodation of all categories and capabilities: hotels, rooms to let, traditional guest houses, furnished apartments, mansions, city hotels, etc., ableto meet every requirement of your trip.
And if you wish to go to the sea, in about half an hour you will face the Ionian coast.
Mountainous Epirus is fantastic… it must be a place loved by God. It is everything you can imagine!Let’s make a zoom on its beauties:


More information about Epirus

Epirus occupies the northwestern part of Greece. Its borders start from Macedonia and Thessaly and end up at the Ionian Coast. It consists of 4 regional units: Arta, Ioannina, Preveza and Thesprotia. The mountainous terrain is dominated by the largest mountain range in Greece, Pindus, where the highest peak rises to 2,600 metres. On exploring Epirus you can discover countless beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, which shelter rare species of plants and animals, many of which are legally protected.

Wherever you cast your glance, you see monuments and works by great people. You admire the ancient theatre of Dodona, visit Preveza for its Venetian castles and the ancient Nicopolis, and descend to the riverside of Acheron, to the Necromancy full of myths and legends. In medieval Arta, the “Mistras of Epirus”, you stand amazed before the Byzantine church of Our Lady of Consolation. In Metsovo you discover paintings and sculptures by the outstanding Greek artists in the Evangelos Averof Gallery, while in Ioannina you admire the wax figures in the Paul Vrellis Museum. You walk through the cobbled streets of the Zagorohoria Villages and drink the cool crystal Zagori water from the stone fountains.
Who can visit Souli without feeling pride and thrill for the Souliot women, who preferred to jump down the precipice of Zalongo than to become slaves of the Turks?
Who has walked along the shore of the Ioannina Lake and did not wish to reach by boat the island, where the legends of Ali Pasha and Kyra Frosini are still alive?
Who could visit Epirus and ignore the exciting flavors and scents of the local cuisine? The traditional village pies and pure meat dishes surely will be a pleasant surprise for your palate. Finally, who would not like to accompany all these dishes with a glass of tsipouro or wine and the sounds of traditional music? Here the soul overflows with the melody of the clarinet and is ready to dance in the hands of the skilled Epirote musician.
What can I say about the sea?
The endless Epirus coastline is washed by the Ionian Sea. Here I met some of the most beautiful beaches and idyllic resorts in Greece.
In the endless blue you can play with the waves, indulging into water skiing, diving and sailing.
In Epirus I have also discovered the adventure!
Here the crystal clear rivers are sometimes peaceful and sometimes raging. They become an ideal environment for the action sports, such as rafting and kayaking. Winter is suitable for mountain ski on the frozen peaks and paragliding with panoramic view to the beauties of Epirus. Biking, horseback riding and hiking in the natural background among the lush greenery revitalize you and open new paths for sports and pleasure.

And if you wish to make a short tour nearby, everything is situated very close to you, since Epirus is almost in the center of Greece. Our offers:
– Visit to the breathtaking Meteora Monasteries.
– Within a small distance there are the Ionian Islands of Lefkada, Paxi and Corfu. Lefkada can be reached by car, while one-day journey or cruise to Paxi and Corfu can be made by boat.
– Visit to Kastoria with its wonderful lake and the famous furs.

The tour of the towns and villages of Epirus is an unforgettable experience for everyone. The hospitable Epirotes and their smiles can cheer up even the hardest man! The stunning images of this land arouse emotions, which perhaps only an artist can capture in a painting, in notes or poems. The traveler returns home with the full memory card of his camera, and his suitcase will certainly contain a silver jewel from the famous Ioannina silverware.
Epirus is ready to welcome you…
However, please keep in mind that one visit is never enough. Epirus is beautiful all year round, because the Nature has endowed it generously with harmony, aura, energy and unique colors…
All you need is to decide on the time of your next trip…

How to get here
The area is served by the local Airports of Ioannina and Aktio (Preveza). During the summer period charter flights from abroad are performed.
Also the area can be reached from the Airports of Thessaloniki and Corfu.
You can reach Epirus by car via the following highways:
– From Athens: via the National Road Athens – Patras and the National Road Antirrio – Ioannina, or through the Aktio – Preveza Underwater Tunnel.
– From Thessaloniki: via the Egnatia Highway.
For arrivals by yacht:
– To the Port of Preveza: Port Authority, tel.: + 30 26820 22226
– To the Port of Igoumenitsa: Port Authority, tel.: + 30 26650 99400
For arrivals by boat:
– Thesprotia is connected via the Port of Igoumenitsa with the other ports of Greece (Corfu, Patras, etc.), and the ports of Italy for the access to and from abroad. For timetable information, tel.: + 30 26650 23094.
You can reach the most important cities of Epirus by bus from the major Greek cities.
– The road network which connects together all the villages and towns of the Epirus region, is quite good. Routes are carried out by local urban and interurban buses.
– For more comfort you can rent a car from one of the car rental offices located in the major cities of Epirus.

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