Ammoudia Beach

Ammoudia Beach

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Ammoudia ….a picturesque fisher-village with crystal blue sea!
Ammoudia is a small beautiful village on the northwest coast of Greece in the region of Epirus. The village is placed on the waves of Ionian Sea at the estuaries of Acheron River. It is an appreciable tourist choice as it combines a quiet familiar atmosphere with a variety of activities and sights of valuable mythological, historical and environmental worth!
Village Ammoudia offers accommodation of every category, for “all pockets”, starting from rooms to let 2 or 3 keys to 2,3 or even 4 star hotels, villas and apartments.
Visitors can also find restaurants, pizzerias and cafeterias.
The combination of beach, river and hills is the most beautiful and rare the Epirotic nature can offer us! And definitely that’s not all…
Here historical events associated with mythology create a magical and mysterious atmosphere for your walks……..

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Getting around Ammoudia

Boat trip in Acheron… don’t miss the opportunity!!!
The boatman guides you in the mythical world of Acheron…
The boat ride starts outside the canal, brings you close to nature, you will see the beach of Ammoudia, the sea caves and the impressive rock forms.
Back in the canal and the magical world of Acheron unfolds before your eyes its unrepeatable beauty…

Getting around Ammoudia
Ammoudia is an intermediate destination which means that visitors can stay here and enjoy its beauties and all the advantages it offers and at the same time can explore the surrounding area.

The Oracle: The village of Messopotamos is located only 4 km from Ammoudia. There is the Oracle of Ephyra where in ancient times people communicated with the kingdom of Hades.
The springs of Acheron: About 30 km from Ammoudia you will find Gliki. The springs of Acheron river and the beautiful region form a dreamy image.
By day or half day trips tourists can visit Ioannina and Zagoria, Metsovo, Corfu – Lefkada – Paxos and the beautiful Parga!
Parga: About 18 km. you can visit the beautiful town of Parga. A picturesque insularity town with significant history and natural beauty. The houses are built amphitheatrically beneath the beautiful Venetian castle.
Zalogo Memorial: Zalogo is the famous historical site in the homonymous mountain that became a symbol of love for freedom. Visitors can come and admire the monument by climbing the 410 stairs that are starting from the monastery of St. Demetrios.
The monastery is 2.5 kms from the village Kipseli. It is speculated that the monastery was founded in 1242 by the despot of Epirus Michael Duke. From the monastery has been saved only the Catholic and the Holly Bank. Today it operates as a church, dedicated to Saint George.
Preveza- The ancient city of Nicopolis: Nicopolis, the city of victory, was built by Augustus Caesar, known earlier in his life as Octavian, to commemorate his victory at the naval Battle of Actium, 31 BC. The battle itself was not one of the great triumphs of antiquity but the significance of the victory was immense.. The victory at Actium meant that Octavian was now the supreme ruler of Rome and Egypt became part of the Roman Empire. Octavian built Nicopolis as a war memorial on the site of his battle tent.
The Bridge of Arta: The historical bridge of Arta was built in 1612 and is today one of the oldest bridges in Greece. According the legend, the builder had to sacrifice his wife to finish building the bridge.
Ioannina- The ancient site of Dodoni: The theater of Dodoni is the largest and best preserved ancient Greek theaters, with a capacity of about 18,000 people. Built in the 3rd century B.C., the ambitious building program carried out by Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, in order to reshape the Hellenic sanctuary and give a monumental character.

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