Nea Styra

Nea Styra

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At the north part of Evia, only few minutes removed form the west site of Athens, opposing to Marathwna and Nea Makri, the state of Styra sits in the closer part of the island and offers to visitors an essential opportunity of enjoyment, through a combination of romantic, tranquil and captivating charm, which is evoked from the little islands around the Aegean Sea.

The city of Nea Styra is a contemporary tourist resort. There is the prevailing settlement of Styra and is connected to Ag.Marina.

At the middle of 20th century Nea Styra began to attract more tourist and their interest, because of the amazing beaches and its unique sunsets, two of the main characteristics of our region.

This small town has begun to transform and evolve year after year until now.

It has become an extraordinary holiday resort for families and young people.

Modern and comfortable hotels, restaurants which service fresh meals of surf and turf, summer cinemas and must-see bars, and last but not least the incredible beaches, are the ingredient of happiness and enjoyment here!


Drakospita are “Cyclopean” constructions and are located in south Evia and particularly in the Municipality of Stira. They are built in steep areas and they are massive and imposing constructions that intrigue visitors’ curiosity. Nobody knows when they were built and for what reason.The most known and well preserved Drakospito is the one of Ochi and has been characterized by the scientists as an ancient temple where god Zeus and goddess Hera were worshiped. (1 Km. asphalted road, 3 Km dirt road, 10 minutes uphill path)
– The “Acropolis of Styra”, on top of which the Castle of the Armenians was built. Of particular interest is the megalithic gate and on the hill the Chapel of Agios Nikolaos dominates.
-The “Great Fountain” in Styra, a shelter with perenial trees and crystal water as well as the picturesque square of Styra. (5 Km from Nea Styra)
-The Folklore Museum of Kapsali with exhibits of unique local cultural heritage.
-The Nimporeio, a beautiful and clean beach in Evian Bay (8 Km)
-The”Dimosari Canyon”, 10 Km length, one of the most beautiful Greek canyons for hiking, protected by the program «Natura» on Mount Ochi.
– Marmari, coastal fishing village with beautiful beaches (20 Km).
– Karystos, picturesque town in the southern part of Evia where you can visit the Castello Rosso. (30 Km)
– The beach of Mesochori or Limionas, beautiful beach in the Aegean with picturesque taverns. (15 Km)
– The “HarakasGorge” in NE Styra. A 2- hour route ending at a beach in the Aegean.
– Almiropotamos,beach resort in the north part (20 Km)

Almyropotamos Beach

The traditional village Almyropotamos owns its name to the stream of the region. Its coastal river city is the settlement Panagia or Beach Almyropotamos. It is a picturesque place with a natural port at South Evian Gulf.

At its port tie boats, fishing boats and speedboats. Ferries connect Panagia of Almyropotamos with Agia Marina of Attica.

On the beach are located numerous cafeterias, taverns and it is a holiday destination during the summer.

Almyropotamos is located 53 km from Karystos and 79 km from Halkida.

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