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Edipsos……The Wellness Spa City Of Greece teaches you:
How to balance your body and spirit,
How to be healthy and beautiful,
How to enjoy your life and feel younger thanks to the beneficial properties of the natural spring water!

What makes Evia so remarkable? It is a special favour of nature that grants to this island a unique combination of blue sea, green mountains and mild Mediterranean climate. Within this natural treasury one can find the town of Edipsos, known worldwide for the gifts from the bowels of its land – the Hot Thermal Springs.
INFO: Greece is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural spas. Thermal and mineral springs appear at 850 different geographical locations!
If you are travelers looking for well-being, relaxation and health, we give you 5 reasons that will convince you to come to the hospitable town of Edipsos, which grants to all its visitors serenity and mental clarity!

1. The phenomenon of Edipsos
– More than 80 therapeutic springs, where the water temperature ranges from 28°C to 86°C
– Fresh running water that is gushing from natural mineral springs at 3.000 meters depth
– Thermal hot waters that are gushing from the beach rocks and caressing the swimmers
– Small rivers running beneath the streets, creating a natural steam.
The healing power of the Edipsos thermal waters is attributed both to their temperature and the abundance of minerals and microelements they contain, especially iron, calcium and magnesium. Their beneficial effects have been observed in healing of rheumatic, arthritic and motor diseases, chronic inflammation, general musculoskeletal disorders, migraines, skin and gynecological problems.

2. Therapeutic waters & SPA: Healing & Rejuvenation
The therapeutic waters are not only for those who wish to cure some diseases. They are recommended even for the most young and active persons, who can enjoy the thermal water treatments, since they hide the secret of well-being.
SPA: The dictionary of wellness
What does really mean this short word that has come so dynamically into our lives?
The word “spa” is derived from the initials of “sanus per aquam” that mean “health comes from the water”. Spa with thermal waters can be used for a more integrated and balanced life, as well as for restoring of body and mind in perfect condition.

3. Relaxation – Regeneration – Hospitality
In Edipsos hotels, besides the beds with fluffy mattresses and aromatics blankets, you will find:
– indoor and outdoor swimming pools,
– waterfalls,
– Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam,
– individual bathtubs,
– massage by hands of experienced therapists,or just relaxation in a pleasant environment.

4. There is something for everyone
Regardless of whether you wish to visit Edipsos with a group, with your beloved one or your family you will surely find the most suitable way of enjoying your stay.
– Adults can indulge in the thermal waters, devoting to their body the time it deserves and enjoying it in every possible way.
– Children can have fun at the playgrounds and amusement parks, or taking the tourist train that crosses the Edipsos Town
– Hiking and horse riding
– Hunting and fishing
– Culinary experience in the restaurants and patisseries with fresh pastries
– Nightclubs with live Greek music.

5. Exploring the surrounding area
Starting from Edipsos, you can explore the neighboring areas of Evia, which is one of the largest islands in Greece.
– The nearby seaside village of Ilia and the beach of Agios Nikolaos
– The beaches near the villages of Limni (built amphitheatrically, in a way reminiscent of the Cycladic Islands), Rovies (produces the best olives and olive oil) and Agia Anna (an endless beach for your summer holiday).
– For the pilgrims there is the Church of St. John the Russian (one of the most important places of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians) and the Monasteries of St. George of Ilia, St. David and St. Nicholas in Galataki.
– The Forest Papades Village (kids will love it!)
– The Edipsos Archaeological Collection, exposed inside the GNTO Hydrotherapy Center, the Folklore Museum of Limni, the “NAUTILUS” Museum of Sea Findings in Agiokampos (near Edipsos)
– In the village of Kerasies the Exhibition of petrified mammals, and very close to it the beautiful Drymonas Waterfall.
– The area of Agios Georgios, Lihada and Lihadonisia Islands at the tip of Evia.

In Edipsos the experience of the local people is something like a tradition, since the ways and secrets of hospitality pass from one generation to the next. A large number of hotels offer generously their services all year round.
In Edipsos you can find hotels by location, prices, existence of swimming pool (if there is no pool at the hotel, one can use the large pool of the Hydrotherapy Center, belonging to the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

The hot waters of Edipsos were already well-known before the 4th century A.D. According to the descriptions of Aristotle, Strabo and Plutarch, they were called “Thermae of Heracles”.
The mythology says that the Goddess Athena asked Hephaestus to bring to the earth’s surface hot springs for relaxing and healing, so that her protege Heracles would be able to come here and have a rest after each of his deeds. Hephaestus struck with his divine hammer the bowels of the earth, and the hot waters immediately started to flow to the blessed land of Edipsos.
Edipsos knew the greatest glory, when General Sulla and later Roman emperors Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius became regular visitors of the area and accepted with gratitude the beneficial effects of bathing in the perpetually healing waters.
During the Christian Period Edipsos had lived centuries of decline.
In the early 20th century the Belle Epoque of Edipsos begins. Its thermal springs, at last considered indisputably curative, attract lots of wealthy people, artists, writers, movie stars and scientists.
Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Omar Sharif, Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill, the writer Menelaos Loudemis, the poet Kostis Palamas, and Eleftherios Venizelos have left their footprints in the town, spending many pleasant hours of healing, relaxation and entertainment.
The Edipsos Hydrotherapy Center was completely renovated after 1988, and nowadays it is able to cover all the needs of its visitors.

Edipsos natural thermal springs offer hospitality to all the people, for whom health and wellness are important!
They combine centuries of history, traditional thermal baths and use of modern technology by experts, who dedicate their time to revitalize your body and mind!
They are also one of the top Greek tourist destinations that offer exceptional opportunities for different activities, fun, culinary pleasures and quality accommodation.
If the wear and tear of daily life has dragged you down, then a couple of weeks in this place will make you feel much better, with or without doctor’s prescription.
Here in Edipsos we feel as if we have just discovered the secret elixir of longevity. We would like to share it with you…

Access to Edipsos
Athens – Edipsos
– You can reach Edipsos from Athens via the National Road Athens – Lamia in 1 hr 20 min (take the exit for Arkitsa), and from Arkitsa by ferry boat across to Edipsos, which will take about 45 min. The total length of the route is 150 km.
Edipsos Ferries Tel.: +30 22260 23330
Arkitsa Ferries: +30 22330 91121, +30 22330 91868
– Also you can go from Athens via Chalkida, passing through a magnificent natural route and the villages Prokopi – Limni – Rovies. You will arrive to the Edipsos Town, after having covered a total of 110 km
Northern Greece – Edipsos
From Northern Greece you can reach Edipsos via the National Road Thessaloniki – Athens (take the exit for Glyfa), and from Glyfa by ferry boat across to Agiokampos, which will take about 25 min. From Agiokampos you will take a country road to Edipsos and arrive there in 15 min.
Agiokampos Ferries Tel.: +30 22260 31680
Glyfa Ferries Tel.: + 30 22380 61391

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