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A journey through the Ages
When Zeus and the other gods distributed among themselves the various countries of the earth, the island of Rhodes was yet covered by the waves of the sea. But Rhodes rose out of the sea when Helios chose it, gave it the name of his beloved nymph and stayed there forever.
Rhodes – famous for its excellent nautical centre during the Hellenistic Era, desired prey of many conquerors, later residence of Knights of the Order of St John.
Modern Rhodes is a cosmopolitan centre. With its Medieval Town- a UNESCO World Heritage site, four ancient cities, Byzantine monasteries, villages built in traditional style and natural reserves, Rhodes meets the needs of the most discerning visitors.
There is a whole range of accommodation to choose from: luxury hotels, apartments in the Old Town, coast rooms to rent, small villas in the villages and family-run hotels. There is a large international airport on the island which is connected with almost all European capitals by charter airlines. Also, it is connected by air and sea with the other Dodecanese islands, port Piraeus, Thessaloniki and other major cities of Greece.

– Old (Medieval) Town: The oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe is both a tourist attraction and an integral part of everyday life. It is surrounded by medieval walls with seven gates. Inside the city walls its multicultural past can be vividly seen: the Knights’ Palace and the Hospital, the Gothic churches, arches and cloisters, Byzantine churches, a working ‘hamam’ (Turkish bath), fountain squares, imposing houses with atriums and inner courtyards, museums and galleries…
– On the acropolis of ancient Rhodes, on St. Stephen’s Hill, you can see the ancient (and still used) stadium, the white marble Odeon, and the restored temple of Apollo, a popular spot for magnificent sunset watching.
– The period when Rhodes was under the Italian Empire, left a significant mark on the island’s architecture and urban planning. As a capital of the “Italian Aegean islands” (during the rule of the Italians on the island) Rhodes was the centre of large construction.
Here you can find the only underground aquarium in Greece and the maritime museum.
– Don’t forget to take a picture against the backround of the famous windmills and “deers”- two well-known symbols of the city and sights of the island.
– The Hospital of the Knights now houses the Archaeological Museum. In the old town you will find and other important exhibitions and museums, such as the Exhibition in the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Folk museum.
– On the hill Filerimos you will find the ancient Acropolis of Ialysus, early Christian basilica, the church of Virgin Mary with the medieval monastery and the alley with bas-reliefs of Christ’s final journey to Golgotha.
– Kritinias Castle, one of the best preserved feudal castles
– In the ancient city Kameiros you can see the ruins of Acropolis, with the temple complex of Athena Kameiras and the remains of an ancient settlement with impressive water supply system and underground tanks.
– Lindos with its medieval castle and ancient acropolis is one of the most beautiful places of the island.
– Theatres based in the Medieval Moat, in the Palace of Grand Masters, in the Old and New town host international events.

– In one of the most luxurious establishments of the Mediterranean of the early 20th century, recently restored, you will have the opportnity to try your luck in the only casino of Dodekanese islands.
– In the bay of Kallithea you can get get scuba diving lessons.
– The “Butterfly Valley” is one of the most attractive destinations on the island.
– Surfers and Holiday Makers call Prasonisi “surfer’s paradise” – little island! The natural phenomenon of wavy side and a slalom side is a “rest or surf hard spot” whenever the mood takes you!
– From ancient times Rhodes was famous for its wines. Emponas village is the centre of wine industry on Rhodes Island. In the summertime a lively and fun wine festival takes place at the village.
– In the village Afandou next to the sea you will find a golf course with 18 holes.
– In the area of Apolakia, the nature’s lovers can watch sailing events and rowing races.
– Take a walk through the streets paved in black and white sea pebbles and the many shopping streets. Here you can find handmade jewelry, carpets, carved wooden figurines, ceramic products, and embroidery and miniature ships.

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