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Travel in Greece above the Mediterranean Sea, board on a ferry boat from ports Piraeus or Lavrio and your summer vacations in Kythnos island are just starting…. ideal for short or long vacations!

Cyclades is a well known Greek complex of picturesque islands situated in the middle of Aegean Sea. Kythnos is one of them among Paros, Milos, Santorini, Mykonos, Sifnos and many more.
The elements that make Kithnos so beautiful are: firstly the 65 sandy beaches with crystal waters, the traditional villages with smiley local people and finally romantic restaurants by the beach. Its location is near Athens and easily approached from the international airport El. Venizelos through the main ports.
This is an ideal holiday destination for all who love the simplicity, the contact with nature and of course the local traditions. When you decide to come to the island, ask before you coming if there would be any festival and visit it free!
You will visit the rare traditional event that is in Greek culture. You can taste traditional dishes and you will see Thermiotes dancing with traditional island music and with local musicians. It is hard to explane the temptation that exist on this island during the festival.

Today, the people of Kythnos are in tourism business, without having abandoned other
occupations such as agriculture and fishing.
They offer to the visitor the perfect combination of the Cycladic scenery, the crystal clear waters, the local products (meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables) and the fresh fish out of their own fishing boats.

Main Villages in Kythnos:
Merichas Port, Loutra, Chora, Driopida.
The Hora is the capital of the island and waits for its visitors with its beautiful nature. Small squares and picturesque cobbled streets with traditional restaurants, coffee bars, shops, whitewashed houses with colorful doors and windows, stairs, churches and windmills make a wonderful residential complex that only you can open for yourself.
The Dryopida (Village) is located on the south side of Kythnos, 8 km from the town. The area has been inhabited since ancient times and has even kept the same name. During your stay in the village enjoy the walking around the village.

Best beaches:
Kolona, Loutra with thermal waters, Agios Sostis, Potamia, Apokrousi, Skylou
Must Visit and See:
Kolona Beach, Thermal springs in Loutra, the Oria’s Castle, the cave in Driopida, the museum, the old scale in Loutra.
Enjoy a night walk in Chora or the sunset in Apokrousi or Episkopi beach

Spa Kythnos (thermal baths)
The Spa of Kythnos is located at the Loytra. This building dates from 1857 and features hot baths (sources) with therapeutic properties. You’ll see the baths of the first royal couple of Modern Greece Otto and Amalia, who were there.

Unique Diving Experiences:
At least 30 virgin dive sites await your exploration. Of which 10 are within a 5-minute boat ride from marina. You can dive sheltered bays, reefs, shallows, caves, shipwrecks and walls full of lobsters, shrimps and crawfish. Every dive takes place in a different location so that you will never get bored.
Deep, VERY DEEP, night, drift but also calm and relaxing dives in protected bays, away from currents in places that are full of life. You will not feel like getting out of the water once you dive into the crystal clear waters of Kythnos. The beautiful seascapes call sea lovers from all over the world for a delightful adventure.

How to get to Kythnos:
By ferry boat from port of Piraeus in 3hrs
By ferry boat from port of Lavrio in 1.5hrs
By sailing boat, yacht arriving at the Loutra port
Transportation in Kythnos:
Bus, taxi, car, rental car, rental scooter

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