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An island like a “Pearl of all Cyclades”
Andros is so noble and beautiful!
Vibrant and glamorous, tranquil and simple, Andros is unforgettable. Beautiful beaches, good food, crazy nightlife, museums, libraries, monuments, unique architecture, mountains and sea, hospitable people, great traditions, a wonderful natural environment and this treasure just two hours away from Attica.
Are you ready to discover it?

Andros is very Green Island. The endless olive groves and fields of fruit trees create beautiful landscapes. Andros is known for its running waters (waterfalls and rivers), and the famous Sariza source with its therapeutically drinking water.

If you want to tour the island you just have to rent a car or walk the streets, breathe the sea breeze, hold with the palm the golden sand on beaches, count the innumerable chapels and quench their thirst at its sources.
The main port of Andros is Gavrio.
The capital of the island is Hora.
The city is located on a narrow peninsula on the east coast.
The town has outstanding architecture. This island has many old mansions. Just here many ship owners who made many donations.

Walking down the narrow streets you can admire the neoclassical mansions, scattered chapels and the great church of Panagia Theoskepasti.
See also the Venetian
Castle, Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Maritime Museum.

Batsi is the cosmopolitan part of the island. The picturesque villages with whitewashed houses every year are waiting for the tourist. In the beautiful place Batsi you will find a lot of infrastructure and luxury hotels, apartments with balconies with stunning views.
There are a lot of colored taverns, where you can drink your ouzo (Greek vodka) and to find a great choice for evening entertainment.

See more on Andros
– The tower of St. Peter
– The Olive Museum in the village Pitrofos
– The hot source Sariza near the waterfalls.
– The beautiful villages Menites, Messaria, Stenies, Apoikia, Aidonia and Suneti
– The archaeological place and museum of Paleopolis
– Do not leave without taste the sweets in taverns and the famous Andros fourtalia (omelet with local sausages).

Visit the Monasteries
– The monastery Panachrantou. Inside the monastery you will find rare pictures, manuscripts, vestments.
– The monastery of Agia Marina
– The Monastery of St. Nicholas. Within the miraculous picture myrovlizousa & the “Rizis of Jesse” that was find in the 16th century in the Church of Vlachernon in Constantinople and the image of St. Nicholas, dating the 17th century and embroidered with silk and hairs of nun Leontias Smirnaias. The monastery preserves honest skull of St. Nicholas, holy relics, works of art and religious treasures.
– The Monastery of St. Mamas (people said that this monastery is visiting by Roman Abramovich every year).

Beaches Achla Beach, Andros
Crowded beaches can be found in Βατsi, Gavrio, St Peter, in Cypri, in St.Cypriano and Xrisi Ammo (between-Gavrio and Batsi).
Near the Hora there many good beaches in Fello, Aprovato, Korthi, Zorkou, Palaiopoli, Xalkiolomiona.
The unique beach named “Grias to pidima” is near the Korthi with the big rock standing about the 15 meters.
The beach Achla is only for those who can rent a boat from the Hora.

Around the island of Andros you will find all necessary infrastructure, luxury hotels and apartments. There are also many opportunities in real estate and is considered an attractive destination for investments by companies and individuals.
To tour around the island you will be serviced with an internal bus or taxi. You can find offices to rent cars, motorbikes, scooters and bicycles. You can even rent a boat to visit the nearby beaches, numerous islets around Andros or go fishing.

How to get on Andros:
– There are daily routs on ferry from Rafina, increased during the summer months.
Journey time is 2 hours (one hour with high speed ferry)
There are also daily flights from Syros, Tinos and Mykonos.
– If you come with your own boat, there are many marinas in Gavrio, Batsi and Hora.

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