Winter on Crete

Winter on Crete

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Due to its size, and perhaps also its location between Europe, Asia Minor and Africa, Crete is a highly varied island, with landscapes ranging from the starkly beautiful, wild and arid East, via the heavily cultivated and extraordinarily lovely plains and hill country of the Centre, to the lushly forested slopes of the West, but also including the near-alpine mountainous spine along its entire length.
For the connoisseur, trying different seasons should add another dimension: The flower-laden spring and balmy summer are well-known, but the colours of autumn and the atmospheric winter add to the full panorama.
Importantly, the island is a wonderful place for walks, short and long, in its mountain ranges, through its gorges and along its wild coasts.
Good weather minus the summer heat makes autumn and spring ideal for exploring this aspect, but winter, too, has great potential.
“Out of season” is the right time to enjoy Crete’s more peaceful nature!
A good time to pursue interests, studies, hobbies and hikes. By winter, we mean October until late April. Vistas open up in the winter and you can meet local people, experience hospitality that is offered so genuinely when you pause on your journey around the island.
Don’t expect to bask in sunshine every day, but on those lucky sunny days you get a bonus of bright island light.
If you want to escape the cold and drizzle, want to stay for a while in a genuine Greek community, taste the winter cuisine and wines, walk in spectacular mountain scenery, wade or bathe on clean empty beaches – then this is for you!
Crete in winter has remained something of a secret….. Discover it….

Winter on Crete is a new program offered by “Discover Greece Network» that lets you spend your holidays at special winter rates for terms of several weeks to several months.
One reason for this is that we visit all of our long winter hotels personally….
Our extremely well-appointed rooms make you as comfortable as if you were in your own home, with all the amenities and comforts you could want.
Each has been extensively renovated and decorated to a very high standard, maintained fastidiously, and looked after personally—each provides a unique, charming, comfortable and wonderfully inviting living experience.
We take great pride in the quality and ‘personal touch’ we offer to all our guests, and we can be available on-site to address any special needs you may have during your stay.
We strive to give our customers great value: a real feeling of being at home, fair rates, attentive and gracious service.
We’re taking reservations now for the winter of 2013–2014, and hope to hear from you soon if you are interested in living here in Greece next winter.
Island of Crete…….. an attractive destination for all travellers in the world!
There are many endless beaches, luxury hotel facilities, you can taste here the dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine and will amaze the beauty of the mountain landscape…..Crete is inexhaustible and multifaceted island where you can spend your time.
If you want to discover Crete really, you should just take one week or trip for ten days, which will be focusing on the most interesting parts of the island…..
And if you fall in love madly with this island … rent or buy a home and stay close to it…..
The Cretans will show you a unique and unmatched way of hospitality that only they can know it!

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