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Mountainous Trihonida – Thermo… “Heart” of Aetoloakarnania
Thermo with its unspoiled, traditional beauty is situated at an altitude of 360m, just 3 km from the lake Trihonida. Its geographical position as the passage from Aetoloakarnania to Evritania, has made it a commercial and cultural centre of the region of mountainous Trichonida, and not only… The central square “Kosma tou Aitolou”, with its plane trees and the running water, is the “heart” of Thermo as here is gathered of the “life” of this place.
Thermo with its healthy climate promises you quiet and relaxing holidays all year long, offering interesting excursions to picturesque villages and unforgettable views of the peaceful waters of the lake….

Thermo for sports or extreme sports Lovers:

– Rafting, climbing, rappel, at the river Evino
– Track car,
– Track-moto cross
– Equipped 5×5 golf and basketball fields
– Path around the lake Trichonida

Thermo “Art Break & Holidays”:

Thermo attracts the artists that can spend endless hours painting, photographing, writing or composing music under the dreamy colors and the amazing sounds of Nature

Thermo Pilgrimage:

If you are interested in culture and religion Thermo is the best place for discovering in the surrounding area the most important monasteries and historic churches

Attractions, religious and historical monuments

The ancient Thermo, which was the citadel of Aetolia, the temple of Apollo and Aitolian confederation
– The Archaeological Museum
– The Library of Apokourou
Hot Springs of Myrtle, perdect for arthritic and skin diseases.
Waterfalls Mokoistianou in Agia Sophia, Thermo
– Barrier Evinou River and its tributaries
– The Monastery of Agios Kosmas in the village of “Mega Dendro”, 2 km north of Thermo hometown of Kosmas Aitolou.
– The Monastery of Agia Paraskevi 4 km NE of Thermo. There you will find the Krifo Sxolio” (secret school)with wax figures.
-The Monastery of Myrtle is located 6 km west of Thermo and is dedicated to the Presentation of Virgin Mary.Founded on 1491.
– The Monastery of Refuge is located 9 km north of Thermo, with beautiful old iconographies.
– The double temple of St. Nicholas /Taxiarxon in the village of St. Sophia is built with materials from the ancient temple of Artemis. In the same area you will find the ruined church of St. Sophia of the 13th century.

Trihonida Lake…..calmness and meditation 

Lake Trihonida is an unexplored wonderland of beauty and remarkable biological diversity. The lake, in the Aetolia region of Western Greece, was created by vast geological changes. This is the largest lake in Greece and, as well as being beautiful, it is a major natural habitat of enormous ecological value with significant stocks of fish.

The lake is home to a wide variety of species of freshwater fish – some of these are rare and some delicious! Taste the superb lake sands melt, a gastronomic “must” to savour at local taverns!

In the evening, when the sun withdraws discreetly back into its kingdom, the lights in small villages are reflected in the calm waters of the lake.

Tips: Explore the area by renting a sea bicycle or try paragliding to enjoy a birds’ eye view of the lake!


How to get to Thermo

By car: Athens- Patras via Rion-Antirion Bridge, direction to Agrinio. There is a sign on the road indicating the village of Thermo.

The total distance from Rio to Thermo is approximately 100km, duration 1.5 hours.

– By bus “KTEL”: From Kifissos bus Terminal there is a frequent daily service every hour Athens- Agrinio and Agrinio-Thermo.

– From Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” by KTEL bus X93, approximately every 20 min.


Distances from Thermo

  • Athens 265 km  (~ 3 h και 30min)
  • Patras 64 km (~ 1 h και 20min)
  • Nafpaktos 44 km  (~ 50min)
  • Mesologgi 62 km (~ 1 h και 15min)
  • Agrinio 32 km (~ 40 min)
  • Karpenisi 67 km (~ 1 h και 25min)
  • Kalavryta135 km (~ 2 h και 20 min)
  • Preveza 123 km (~ 2 h και 20 min)
  • Lefkada 127 km (~ 2 h και 20 min)
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