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The “alternative” island Alonissos, invites you to give up a little on its cosmopolitan beaches, wild parties and let the magic of nature to amaze you! Here you will see the largest in Europe National Marine Park and if you’re lucky, you will see dolphins, seals and turtles. Here you can visit the International Academy of Homeopathy, which produces an important task in modern alternative medicine. If you are an artist you have a bunch of pictures and stimuli to draw, compose, record and
capture the best photos …
Alonissos is…… an alternative island … a well-kept secret!

MORE about Alonissos
Alonissos is the third largest island in the group of Sporades.
Patitiri is the capital and at the same time the port of the island. The white houses with tiled roofs and green areas create fairytale images. Its name is owed to the grape presses that existed previously in the area and was the main occupation of the inhabitants. Patitiri is the noisy, colorful, charming and cosmopolitan center offers plenty of entertainment and activities to its guests.
The Old Town or Hora or just Alonissos (4 km from Patitiri) is the old capital of the island and the oldest settlement that connects the island with his past. Walk in the serpentine lanes with quaint courtyards, stone towers, the old castle and numerous churches and traditional floors. Visit the Byzantine church of St. Anargyroi and enjoy the unique landscape and the pink sunset.

Best beaches
Rousoum Gialos is situates very closely to Patitiri.
Milia is the best destination with the white pebble that is near to the pine forest.
Mourtias, Marpounta, Bythisma: These beaches are located in successive small hugs of sculptured cliffs and with dense pine forest on the southern tip of the island.
Steni-Bala: Natural harbors and maritime small rivers with sheltered water among the inhabitant but very green islands… The favorite haunt and refuge of sailing…
Botsi: You will swim in small sandy beach and if you will take a boat you can visit many secluded beaches that will make you feel like shipwrecked on an exotic island.
Agioi Anargyroi, Megali Ammos: Wherever you will go you can see the sand and peddle. It is the amazing place with a lot of green trees in all the island of Alonnisos.
Agios Dimitrios: wide beach with white peddle on the north part of Steni Vala. It is the most beautiful and characterizing part of the island, especially for the family holidays,
Kokkinokastro:( 7 km. from Patititri). When one of the beach has it something special to provide it is mean that is different from the other one, this beach has it owns red stones creating the colorful staying among the green color of the island and every time is the favorite destination of every traveler.
Who knows maybe it is the best beach on Alonnisos!

-Visit the National Marine Park of Alonnisos in North Sporades – that is the largest park in Europe and one of the shelters for the seals Monachus-Monachus. The Mediterranean monk seal is one of the rarest mammals in the world, almost on the verge of complete extinction, with the total population decreased to 600. Half of them live on Greek islands, especially on Alonnisos, where the Marine Park gives them opportunity of growing and reproducing. If you want to see closely this beautiful animal you can go to the places where they live with some excursion guide.
-If you are interested in Holistic Alternative Therapeutic Systems there you can find the International Academy of Homeopathic Medicine. You can meet the teacher sir Vithoulka where with his care and supervision produced an important work in the field of modern alternative medicine.
Staying on the island:
On Alonnisos there are many hotels of all the categories and apartments.

Night life and entertainment:
Alonnisos is not the island for the parties but the evenings are so beautiful in Patititri and in Palio Xwrio (Old Village). Good music, one cocktail near the sea or in Patitiri where you can look at the stars that are laying high from the sea in Hora will give you so much unforgettable memories!
-If you will on this island at 15 of August you can go to the fest that is celebrated here every year with good traditional music, fresh food, sweets, dancing and songs.

Food and restaurants: if you like the sea food you can enjoy the best meals here, because Alonnisos is the island of the fresh fish. Taste different kings of sea food: fish soup, stuffed squid, the pasta with lobsters, the barbecue eggplant and traditional cheese pie of Alonnisos. What about desserts, here you can taste traditional rice pudding, the cake of walnuts, sweets from almond and roasted gigs with honey.

Shopping: In Patitiri you can find many shops with souvenirs, joys from wood, and also jewelry. In Hora there are a lot of pictures of well known local artists, you can amaze them and buy. Do not forget to take something in Marine Park where you will find a lot f thing for buying, because all money finance works with the rescue of seal.

Activities: On the island you will find a lot of places to go, where you can go for a walk, for swimming and diving with experienced guides.

Excursions: From the harbor in Patitiri you can take a boat that has daily races and small boats (kaikia) that are going to the all beautiful coastal settlements of the island you can go around Marine Park, to Skopelos and to Skiathos.

If you go with your own Yacht:
The port in Patitiri is the main port of the island Alonnisos. Here you can buy fuel, drinking water, ice, food. There are also work mechanics that can help you. The residential bays of Votsi and Stenis Valas are safe anchorages for staying for the small or big yacht.

How to get to Alonissos:
On the airplane
The nearest airport is on the island Skiathos. The hydrofoil approaches you to Alonissos in 15 minutes.
On the boat
Alonnisos is connected with ports of Volos (2, 30 hours) and of Agios Konstantinos (2,40 hours) via Skiathos and Skopelos. In summer the routes work very good and you can go to Skiro, Aidipso, Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.

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