Elafonissos Island

Elafonissos Island

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Elafonissos….a sun-kissed tropical destination!

Experience the azure waters, tiny tropical islets, spacious luxurious rooms….Rejuvenate body, mind and soul in the unspoiled island on the edge of Peloponnese

Since you get to the island you must understand the meaning of real holidays. All you have to take care about is to put your sunscreen often, to take enough water with you and which beach you choose to enjoy lying on the sand under the sun! These are all…

The first image of the island is its “capital” and biggest village, where some hundreds of people enjoy a peaceful style of life…

The island of Elafonissos is an attractive and relatively isolated island situated not far from the mainland in the Peloponnese area, a little southwest of the town of Neapoliand just above the larger island of Kythira.


The fantastic beach of Simos has been characterized as one of the finest beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed…

The beach consists of two parts (two beaches, Frago and Sarakiniko) that come together and behind it are high sand dunes.

Panagia beach: Green trees frame the soft sand, the crystal clear waters too…
There are 3 uninhabitable small islands next to Panagia beach; you can go there without many difficulties…

Getting to Elafonissos

There is frequent (usually hourly or twice an hour during the high season) connection viaferry between Elafonissos Island and the mainland. The trip lasts less than 10 minutes.

During the high season, there is connection between Elafonisos Island and Neapolis as well.

Visitors to Elafonissos Island can drive their own vehicle from the Greek mainland, or fly to the airport of Kythira and then arrange for transportation to Elafonissos Islandthrough Neapolis via ferry.

Country Greece

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