Mountainous Corinthia

Mountainous Corinthia

Things to do - general

Mountainous Corinthia is a picturesque area in the Peloponnese 1.5 hrs from Athens. This makes it an ideal destination for a day trip or weekend getaway for those that live, arrive, or are staying in the capital of Greece.

The area is occupied by the Kyllini Mountain (is also called Ziria) located in the south-eastern side of the prefecture of Corinthia.  The mountain is full of small villages, like Trikala, Evrostini, Velina or Goura, most of them being today ready to host the visitors. There are plenty of hotels, tradition houses and luxury villas, restaurants and taverns. The biggest of the villages of this area, Trikala, is consisted by three settlements; Kato (lower), Mesaia (middle) and Ano (upper) Trikala. But the highlight of the area is the artificial lake Doxa with the small island in the middle.

The element of mythology is very intense in this area. Here is the lake Stymphalia where Hercules killed the Stymphalian Birds with his bow to accomplish his sixth labour. According to the myth, the birds where man-eating and had beaks of bronze.

Kyllini or Ziria: a lair for divine herbs

It is one of the few Greek mountains which have so many tops over 2000 m in altitude and features rich alpine scenery. Lakes, highlands and a green plateau comprise the natural scenery for a varied biota to live in.

Sports and activities

The area is perfect for mountain activities and in combination with the natural beautyand the friendly Greek climate, you will surely enjoy. As the mountain has so many tops, it is an ideal spot for trekking. There are many paths everywhere so that you can choose the route that suits you better. For the lovers of machines (and haters of walking) there is also the possibility to explore the area by 4×4 car in organized or not tracks. In the Ziria Sports Centre, 10km far from the Ano Trikala, you will find a small ski centre for the winter with 2 ski lifts (1 baby) and ski/snowboard rent, chalet, ATV rental, and walking/biking paths for the summer. Finally mountain biking, paintballand horse riding at the Centre of Free Riding in the village “Rethi” are some other options that Ziria can offer you.

Local products 

The most famous among the agricultural products of Corinthia known from the antiquity is the grapes and mainly  thewines. There is a kind of vine, known as the “Corinthian currant”, which grows only in the region of Corinthia. That wonderful grape, “white” or dark with the tinny berries, slight skin and without core is one of the most tasteful fresh or dried fruits and the source of this ancient nectar.

The Greek Feta cheese of Ziria is considered to be something special.

There are also honey, pulses, fresh vegetables and fruits, mainly the Corinthian grape, wine, walnuts and chestnuts, herbs and “mountain tea”.

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