Kalloni - Bird watching

Kalloni - Bird watching

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Kalloni is situated in the center of Lesvos and it is very convenient for visitors wishing to take time out to explore the island. Favored by nature, embraced by the Gulf, the 100 square kilometer fertile flat land watered by rivers and fertilized by underground waters, under the guardianship of the historic monasteries, Kalloni was the main cross-road of the island something that has very little changed since Antiquity.
Kalloni means “beautiful”, maybe telling us what the first settlers thought about the area they chose to visit.
The bay of Kalloni and in particular the beach town of Skala Kalloni is the nature capital as well as “the sardine capital” of the island.
We all know the renowned sardines from the Gulf of Kalloni which even though small in size, their taste is considered the best in comparison to sardines from other areas of Greece.
Skala Kallonis is one of the sunniest places in Greece and the local sandy beaches are shallow and family friendly, with quiet as well as more crowded places for you to relax and enjoy the “Aegean Sea and Sun”.

Bird watching now!

Nothing is more observation refines and develops sight and hearing, as the observation of birds – it has long been noticed by us. We can add: nothing helps again, even for a time, to feel like a kid, as an amateur bird-watching, which can be your hobby during our retreats.
The town of Kalloni sits in a lush and enormous valley that borders the bay of Kalloni.
This valley is home to many different species of birds, which stop in the marshes on their way to and from northern Europe and wildflowers.
Actually, the Wetland of Kalloni Gulf is one of the most significant parts of the ecologic assets of Lesvos.
Thus Kalloni attracts many birdwatchers and botanists especially during spring and autumn where most birds and wildflowers are observed.
A mosaic of salt-pits, small rivers and torrents estuaries, reedy-areas, pine trees woods and olive groves give natural shelter to numerous rare and protected species of birds. Therefore, the area has been placed among the European Program “Special Areas of Nature’s Preservation” of the net NATURA 2000.
At least 134 species of birds have been registered, 66 of which are migratory without having included the particular species of the neighbouring terrestrial ecosystems.
Walking on the beaches of Skala Kallonis you follow in the footsteps of philosopher Aristotle and his colleague, the Lesvos-born Theophrastus from Eressos and many are those finding inspiration here.
Aristotle’s biological research was a landmark in the history of science; and that all began in Lesbos, “… where burning Sappho loved and sung”, as Lord Byron put it.

Accommodation in Skala Kallonis
The sandy beach of Skala Kallonis provides safe bathing for families and there are water sports facilities available for the more active.
Here the travellers can expect to be welcomed by any one of the modern hotel complexes, which provide a large range of amenities and services, while sampling the farmed sea food appetizers and parting at the night spots along the beach which promise lively nights beside the waves….

Things to Do and See

Kalloni is the second most important town on the island after the capital Mitilene, and with its cafes, restaurants, shopping opportunities especially for gift or jewellery shops and public services the needs of inhabitants and visitors are satisfied all year around.
The pleasant climate in spring and autumn invites you to enjoy the great variations in flora and fauna and to discover the rich history and culture while on foot or on bicycle.

– Every year in August a “Sardine Festival” is organized for locals and tourists.
– During Orthodox Easter, the most important of events in Greece, Skala Kallonis is an exciting place to be. Here are both typical traditions as well as some very local ones, such as the huge bonfire in the square and symbolic burning of Judas the night before Resurrection.
– With the flatlands surrounding the Gulf of Kalloni, the area offers many possibilities for exploration by walking or bicycling.
Bicycle hire is very popular at this resort, especially with so much level ground around, and there are plenty of places to visit without sweating up mountainous inclines.
– If you’re a summer person, you’ll find all sorts of activities. Water sports, romantic seashores, tranquil coves, lounging in cult cafes and trendy eateries, frenzied clubbing, and lots of ouzo and meze.

mannou– Visit Agia Paraskevi one of the biggest villages of Lesvos, among the hills and close to the plain of Kalloni.
This old village is becoming a powerful cultural and economic center for the island.
Agia Paraskevi is known for its old mansions, unique architecture, for its festivals and for the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production. The museum is housed in the premises of the old communal olive oil press of Agia Paraskevi. In the main building the three basic steps of olive oil production, crushing the olives, pressing the pulp and separating the oil from water are shown. The Museum has also a multi purpose hall for hosting different types of events, a cafe, and a small open air theatre.
Agia Paraskevi is famous all over Lesvos for the “Fest of the Bull”, a big folkloric festival with many happenings. Its main event is the Sacrifice of the Bull, very popular with the locals. It is the main social event of the village and an occasion for natives of the village living elsewhere to visit the homeland of their fathers.
– If you’re a religious person Kalloni is the right place.
The holy Monastery of Panagias Myrsiniotissas was in 1530 unique in Greece as a school for women. Nuns still live in this beautiful monastery that it is open to visitors, but only women can enter the main areas.
The monastery of Limon (Moni Leimonos) is the largest and most imposing monastery on the island. With its history, museum, unique documents and icons, size, surroundings and current religious use, this monastery offers an interesting meeting with the Greek Orthodoxy.
The annual celebration before and on 14th October attracts locals and pilgrims, combining
religion inside with shopping outside.

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