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Rethymno with the colors of the Renaissance!
Rethymno with the well-known place of Psiloritis and the blue sea, with traces of civilization that was here about 4,500 years ago, with numerous monasteries and Byzantine churches, Venetian monuments – is the best preserved Renaissance city with endless beaches, caves, canyons and unique flora and fauna that is waiting you for discover them all!
Come and walk through villages where the fragrant Cretan cuisine and the Cretan lyre are heard from everywhere!

Sites for seeing in Rethymno
– The Venetian castle Fortezza welcomes you when you arrive at the port.
– The Archaeological Museum is next to the fort.
– The Historical Museum of Folklore
– The Old Town of Rethymno: where you can walk through the magical ancient streets between Venetian houses, mosques, minarets, bath taps and you will think you’re in another time.
– The gorges of Kourtaliotis, Patsos and Kotsifos.
– The mountain village Anogia where the inhabitants keep religiously the customs and traditions
– In Zoniana you can visit the Museum of “Wax Potamianos,” the cave “of Sfentoni Hole.”
– In Margarites you can amaze many potteries
– The archaeological site of Eleftherna
– The area of Lake Preveli will reward you with one of the most exotic landscapes of Crete.
From the villages surrounding mountains you will see the most dramatic sunsets in the Libyan Sea.

Churches – Monasteries

Arkadi Monastery

Arkadi Monastery

In the area of Rethymno during the Byzantine period built many churches and monasteries. The
Byzantine churches are calculated at about 300 and monasteries about 30.
The most famous monastery is Arkadi Monastery on Crete and totally identified with the struggles of
the Cretans for freedom. According to tradition, the monastery founded by the Byzantine Emperor
Heraclius and the construction was by the emperor Arcadius in the 5th century AD from which it got
its name.
– The Monastery of St. Irene of ancient Crete.
– The Monastery of Bali or Atali that was built in 17th century with panoramic views.
– The Monastery of Prophet Elias Thesvitou, one of the most historical places.
– Moni Preveli, which is located 37 km from Rethymno and includes two monasteries: the
“Lower Abbey” is abandoned and the “Back Tour” that works and can be visited.
– Saint Eftichios Chromonastiri where you can see many pictures forms 11 century.


Rethymno is only city on the island Crete, which has its own vast golden beach, where are situated many hotels.
– Near the town you will find beautiful bays for swimming, and on the South you will find some of the most beautiful beaches: Triopetra, Agia Fotini, Agios Paulos, Plakias and Agia Galini.
The beach Bali: Amazing and beautiful! It is wonderful small fishing village with gold beach with small pebble!
Do not miss the Carnival of Rethymno in winter, the Wine Festival or Art & Speech in Anogia that is made in the summer.


Plakias Beach

Plakias Beach
No beach in Crete enjoys a more spectacular setting than the beach in Plakias Bay, a large crescent bay sheltered by a ring of towering mountains in a rugged terrene, there’s no thoroughfare here – the road stops at Plakias. Here, the warm Mediterranean Sea laps against the shore line, providing great views and swimming for the many sun worshipers who come to Plakias Beach for relaxing holidays by the sea!





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