Larissa, Thessalia

Larissa, Thessalia

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All year round in Larissa…..
Sometimes writings seem very poor to describe the amazing images the traveler sees wandering in the magical places of the wider area of Larissa, whether they are on the slopes of Mounts Olympus and Kissavos, or lie beside the river of Peneus and the stunning valley of Tempi!
Larissa coastline….Yes, it is true! The area of Larissa has coasts. In fact it has one of the biggest continuous coasts that are 13 km long, starts from Agiokampos and ends in Velika.
The most striking feature of these coasts is that they are multiform (there are both sandy and pebbly beaches) and they combine the green color of Kissavos with the blue color of the Aegean Sea. A ring road starting from Agiokamposand reaching Stomio connects almost all coasts while it offers visitors a beautiful journey through the green landscape of Kissavos.
The city of Larissa, which is one of the biggest cities of Greece and the capital of the prefecture of Larissa, lies in the center of the eastern part of Thessaly. It is only 3 hours from Athens and 1,5 hours from Thessaloniki. Larissa has the face of a contemporary and modern city, in which there is a plethora of big squares, beautiful parks, historical and archaeological monuments, as well as other cultural spots.
– Agia & apples …
Every year, during the first week of September, the apple festival takes place here. For seven days, a large variety of apples and apple products are presented to the people. During the first day free apples, pies and other products are given to the visitors.
– Tyrnavos: Tsipouro & Carnival
The city holds a famous annual carnival, which has its roots in antiquity and is at least 100 years old. Tyrnavos is a rural area and its main product are grapes and of course the tsipouro is the most famous in Greece.
– Havana cigars in Larissa?
In the village of Larissa Domeniko you can find handmade cigars & cigarillos which are not a product of St. Domeniko or Cuba, but Greek….
– The first “European union” in Ampelakia village
It is 34 km NE of Larissa. The village was founded probably in the 16th century. It was destroyed by forces of Ali Pascha in the year 1811. Famous is the mansion of Georgios Schwartz in Ampelakia build at the end of the 18th century. It was the headquarters of the Cooperative “Koini Syntrofia” or ‘Common Union’, with around 6000 members.
The reputation of the historical community of Ampelakia was dye to its economic growth, which was a result of the yarns ‘industry and trade. The product was ‘canalized’ into the biggest markets of the Central Europe. But first of all, the historical village was known for its ‘Common Union’, which was an industrial-trading co-operative. It is considered to be the first of its kind that was created in Europe and in the world. The majority of the historians describe it as an co-operative of capital and work.
Despite of all the persecutions of fate, the inhabitants of Ampelakia today are well-known for their noble behaviour. Their hospitality, tidiness and kindness are remarkable.

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