Karpenisi, Evritania

Karpenisi, Evritania

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Karpenisi…the “little Switzerland of Greece
Evritania is a part of Central Greece that offers visitors a really wide diversity of holidays throughout the year. As well as its popular destinations, it is also an area or rich natural beauty and inspiring scenery and landscapes.
Heading towards the Proussos monastery, you will pass through quaint villages such as Koryshades, Mikro and Megalo Horio, each of which offers an exquisite charm and beauty about them.
The main city of Evritania is Karpenisi, a beautiful and picturesque city, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Tymfristos, at an altitude of 1000 meters.

Karpenisi and its “surrounding villages” have a well organised infrastructure for tourism. The visitors will find an excellent choice of hotels apartments, chalet and other forms of accommodation.
Alternative tourism: Various activities such as trekking, horse riding, canoe-kayak and many others are available. The entire region is ideal for those who love nature, as well as some adventure and action. During the winter months, the region is filled with travellers from all over Greece and beyond who have come to enjoy ski and winter sports at the popular ski centre of “Velhouhi”. The ski facilities here are excellent, and the whole atmosphere is very warm and friendly.

According to 1991 UNESCO research, Evritania is considered one of top areas of the world in environmental cleanliness and the cleanest area in Europe! It represents the “basis” for research measurement as it is considered to have a zero pollution rate.


Karpenisi, is one of the most beautiful and interesting places of mainland Greece.

The town is located in the south-western slope of the mountain Velluchi stands at a height of 1000 meters and it is the capital of Evrytania. The name of the town comes from word “karpinisi” which means “area with plane trees” also from Turkish words “kar”-snow and “benis”-cape or covered with snow. The town is covered with green firs, pine and chestnut trees.

Karpenisi is perfect for lovers of extreme sports and at the same time for those who prefer peace and quiet. Monasteries, small churches, Byzantine monuments, museums, stone bridges, picturesque and cozy taverns, traditional pensions and luxury hotels, extreme sports and skiing as well as the scenery of exquisite beauty, all that characterise Karpenisi.

Ski centre: In altitude 1840 m is found the ski center of Karpenisi which is covered in snow for a sufficiently long period making it a perfect destination for a weekend, not only for ski fans but also for those who want to combine nature and tranquillity with vibrant night life. Not only you can go skiing, but also free climbing on snowy slopes of the mountains.

Karpenisi ski resort provides: stores for renting equipments, ski school, restaurant, café, bars and first aid clinic. It features 7 lifts in total and 12 tracks. Throughout the winter period, ski competitions are held and performances are demonstrated.  Visitors and outdoor enthusiasts are also offered sports such as climbing, walking, archery, mountain biking, sport riding and horse riding.  Beautiful paths between the picturesque villages of Evrytania, give you an opportunity to go for a walk, biking or a jeep ride…..Places that will not leave you indifferent…..

Just a few kilometres from the town you can find picturesque villages, immersed in the green countryside. Some of the most beautiful villages here are: Mikro & Megalo Chorio, St. Nicholas, Korishades, Boutyro, Fidakia, Myriki, St. Andrew and others.

– Megalo Chorio (it means big village), despite its name is a beautiful, picturesque, small, ‘green’ village 12 km away from Karpenisi.

While here you can walk on the village’s stone alleys or on the paths in between the trees and cross wooden bridges over the brook.

You also have to visit the village’s Folklore Museum and its small but quite interesting library.

– Mikro Chorio

The village is built at an altitude of over 900 meters into a verdant mountainous nature. Every visitor admires the small lake that forms at the entrance of the village, the five picturesque fountains below the plane tree of the square, the church of Metamorphosis of Sotiros with the bell tower built in the 19th century.

– St. Nicholas: this village is only 9 Km away from Karpenisi. It is famous for its delicious chestnuts and beans that are grown here. In the central square you can find the old church of St. Nicholas which decorates the village from 1887. In the surrounding area you can visit and other places that deserve your attention such as St. Paraskevi, area of St. Paraskevi, Krania, and Palialona.

– Korishades: a beautiful village surrounded by pine trees and old traditional houses.

It is located at an altitude of 960 m and only 6 km from Karpenisi. Here visitors can admire ancient mansions, the church of St. Athanasios and the school made of stone, which on nowadays is the National Museum of the Resistance.  Also you can visit Kumasi where you can find the monastery of Panagia, the gorge “Pandavrehi”(which translated from Greek means “always rains”), place of the battle Kokkalya (translated means “bones”), chestnut woods of St. Nicholas, an artificial lake of Kremasta and Agrapha.

– Boutyro, a colourful village situated at a hill side, offers an exceptional view. It is located 9 km from Karpenisi. Here you can find the biggest stone church of St. Paraskevi. Traditional style hotels and taverns are open for guests all year long.

Myriki: This small, draped in pine trees village is located 9 km from Karpenisi.

In the centre you can find the church of St. George and on the highest point of the village, the church of Prophet Eliawith traditional structures and paintings.

– Fidakia: In her bigger part way to the village you can admire the view artificial lake of Kremaston. Fidakia are perhaps the more beautiful village of Evritania with regard to functionalism, structure and built-up appearance, stone houses, stone paths, paved with slabs streets. In the centre of village is found the Holy Temple of Birth of Virgin Mary. Near to village, in region ‘Kastri’ there are exist traces of fortress and unexploited objects of ancient settlement. For the name of village we can say that the “Fidakia” it is paraphrase of “Frydakia” (meens small brows), that came out from the form of ridges of around mountains! Leaving from the village to Saint Blacherna and after 3km earth-road found is locality “Tsagkaralona” the point from which the view in the lake of Kremaston is panoramic.

– The village of St. Andrew is situated 8 km from the main town. There are many natural sights, such as Astrapovrisi (literally translated from Greek – “a source of lightning”) and Neraki (“thicker than water”). It is the hometown of Karpenisiotis Athanasios, hero of Greek war of Independence.

You must visit:

– Monastery of Proussos 

The Monastery of Proussos is a spiritual and pilgrimage center of the whole Central Greece. It is located 31 km north of Karpenisi and It is built on a majestic landscape, a steep, rocky area between the mountains Chelidona, Kaliakouda and Timfristos, which is overgrown by trees….. The landscape is frightening!

The Monastery was named after the Icon of Panagia Prousiotissa from Prousa in Minor Asia, according to a legend painted by the hand of Luke the Evangelist. It was built in the 9th century (some say 12th century). According to a legend the monastery was founded during the period of the ByzantineEmperor Theophilos (829-842) who was an iconoclasm (against the use of icons). Part of the monastery was destroyed 1587 by a fire. During the Greek war of independence it was a refuge place of various heroes such as Giorgos Karaiskakis, Markos Botsaris or Lambros Katsonis.  A large part of the monastery was destroyed, including many books and documents, by fire set by German troops in the Second World War.

– Museum of Karpenisi: Here are exhibited items and personal belongings of Constantine and Alexandre Tsatsou and rare cards that were donated to the museum from Tsatsou family.

Museum of the Megalo Chorio: Here are exhibited: traditional costumes, household items, and works of art. It is located 14 km from Karpenisi.

– Museum of National Resistance Korishades: In May of 1944, at the village school, the National Council, formed from the First Free Elections, met. Since then, the school building has been declared a landmark monument and an exhibition of the photographs of the National Resistance photographer Spyros Meletzis is housed there.

– Museum of the Mikro Chorio:  The museum is housed in the old school and consists of 3 rooms. Here are exhibited rare photographs of the land sliding of 1963 and photographs and artefacts during the war, part of typography which once existed here, science projects of that period, traditional costumes, folk art, ancient artefacts and ceramic wares. The museum is 16 km from main town.

– Museum of monastery Prousos: Here are exhibited books of 15-16th century, manuscripts, vestments, prints and a sword of 1821, probably belonged to the hero of the Greek War of Independence, Georgios Karaiskakis.

– You can also visit the Museum of Viniani, the Museum of Monastery Tatarna, the Folklore and History Museum Domnista, the Folklore Museum of St. Triada, the Museum of Folk Crafts in Trovato and the FolkloreMuseum of the village Granitsa.

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