Agistri Island

Agistri Island

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or Angistri is another small island (with an area of 13 square kilometers) in the Saronic Gulf, but its beauty is unsurpassed.  Partly because of its size, but also its paradise beauty, it is an inviting retreat from where you can rest and recuperate from the pressures of everyday life. The main characteristics of summer life in Agistri are the sea, good food and fun, accompanied with romantic and original images, which moves any visitor to it; from the first time they clap eyes on. Beaches with azure crystal waters, narrow roads and ways full of pine trees create numerous chances for walking and having enjoyable moments.  People in Agistri are warm, friendly, and will do anything for you to relax and have an unforgettable time!

More about Agistri Island
With its perfect blend of facilities, Agistri is a rare being.
If you want a holiday filled with peace, you will find it here.
If you want family fun, you will find it here.
And if you are singles or couples looking for peace or fun, you will find it here!

Agistri alone consists of the most important sight of the Saronic Gulf. Just 45 minutes off Piraeus and 10 minutes from Aegina is the small paradise of the Saronic Sea, with its hospitable people and its emerald waters.
Agistri is steeped in history and is easy to navigate by foot, moped bike or car.
– You must visit all of its beaches, and most definitely Chalikiada, Aponissos and Dragonera.
– It is worth visiting the various archaeological findings at the Cultural Center of Megalochori and the Churches.
– Visit Milos, a 15 minute stroll from Scala.
– Go the other side of the island and see the totally unspoilt village of Limenaria. There you will not find a single hotel or bar – just a local tavern with a fantastic reputation for its food.
– Agistri is also the perfect base from which to island-hop.
– Make a day trip to Athens and the Acropolis.
– Visit the other Saronic islands of Aegina, Hydra, Poros and Spetses.
– Take a trip to the amazing engineering feat which is the Corinth Canal and soak in the breathtaking ancient theatre at Epidavrous.

From Athens International Airport to Agistri
By taxi, by train and by bus
All boats for Agistri leave from Gate 8 at the port of Piraeus. Please note: boats leave on time!
From Piraeus to Angistri:
– By ferry
one and half hours to Angistri from Piraeus, via Aegina.
Price 10€ for one person – 22€ for one vehicle.
– By hydrofoil
The hydrofoils come directly or via Aegina to the harbour of Mylos on Angistri. The fare is about 15€ and the trip takes 50 minutes.
– By the Angistri Express
Local boat plying between Aegina and Angistri. The trip takes 10 minutes.
Price 5€ per person.
– By sea taxi
If the local boat isn’t due to leave Aegina at the time you arrive, you can take a sea taxi which will get you to Angistri in less than 10 minutes. The taxi is also a handy way to visit interesting places around Angistri and along the shoreline of the Peloponnese.

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