Autumn Colors in Greece

discover-greece-kastoria-lake-2Autumn has arrived – and summer in Greece has bid us a fond farewell. Its uniform golden hue has given way to an array of colours found only in autumn, the most charming season of the year.

Rivers, lakes, mountain ranges and forests are the ideal settings for you to experience in close-up the miracle of season change. The enchanting palette of golden yellow hues on leaves is the predominant feature in the natural kingdom at this time of year!

With its unbeatably beautiful landscapes and rich palette of colours, it could give even the most gifted impressionist painter a run for his money – indisputable proof that Greece is an excellent choice of holiday destination at this time of the year too.

The beauty of the mellow, charming colours of the autumn landscape in Greece beckons you to get away from the daily routine and enjoy a short trip in the arms of nature!