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Both Villas are situated in the beautiful island of Paros, more specifically in the southern part of the island, near the popular seaside resort of Aliki.

Our Address:

Aliki, Paros, Cyclades, Greece
Tel.: + 30 22840 91249
Mob.: + 30 6974 439515
Fax: + 30 22840 91395
Email: info@afroditehotel.com, arsenisparos@yahoo.gr
Website: www.parosvillas.info

Villas Afrodite 1 and Afrodite 2 operate from May to October.

Villa Afrodite 1 (other name: Villa Nicholas Skiadas N & S) is an old mansion, which was recently renovated with much love and care. This beautiful building is situated on a hilltop in Aliki offering panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands.
The villa extends in an area of 10 acres. It is an ideal location for a wedding event, a christening party and of course for a wedding stay.

Villa Afrodite 1 consists of two separate buildings.

Villa’s facilities:

* Swimming pool * BBQ facilities * Parking place * Dog’s house *

Each building’s facilities:

– Living room / dining room (in the main building),
– Bedrooms (2 in main building, 1 in second building),
– Air conditioning,
– Heating,
– TV (2 in main building, 1 in second building),
– Kitchen with all utensils, fireplace and baking oven,
– Family fridge,
– Bathrooms (2 in main building, 1 in second building).

Villa Afrodite 2 (other name: Villa Stavros Aliprantis S & A) is located in the area of Petaloudes (Valley of Butterflies). It is an old, stone-built residence, which was transformed into a traditional villa. This beautiful residence lies on the hilltop of Agios Arsenios (right next to the St. Arsenios’ Monastery) and offers magnificent view to the Antiparos Island and the Aegean Sea.
The villa extends in an area of 8 acres.

Villa’s facilities:

– Living room / dining room,
– 2 bedrooms,
– Air conditioning,
– Heating,
– TV,
– Kitchen with all utensils, fireplace and baking oven,
– Family fridge,
– Bathroom,
– Garden,
– Parking place,
– Dog’s house.


Villa Afrodite 1:
– Paros Port and Parikia Town: 10 km
– Paros Airport: 2 km
– Beach of Agios Nikolaos: 250 m
– Central beach of Aliki: 500 m

Villa Afrodite 2:
– Paros Port and Parikia Town: 5 km
– Paros Airport: 6 km
– Beach of Aliki: 5 km
– Valley of Butterflies (Petaloudes): 500 m

The area of Aliki with its wonderful sandy beaches, as well as numerous restaurants and cafes, is the ideal place for your vacation in Paros Island. And our Villas are the perfect choice for the people who wish to relax, rest and enjoy the luxurious amenities in the beautiful environment.

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  • Telephone
  • TV
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Everyone can have a good time on Paros!
Those who like surfing we will meet on this Gold Coast in August, because the island is a paradise for water sports.
It has a lot of luxury hotels for families and for companies
You can do your sunbaths on the beautiful beaches!
Gourmets would find interesting restaurants with Parian fine cuisine and local wines.
Those who just have married or for the romantics pairs will love to watch how the sun goes out into the waters.
Everyone can meet the sunrise on the seaside and to buy some sweets on the square.
Pack your bags and go… to Paros!

In the middle of the Aegean Sea between the small group of Cyclades there is situated an island Paros. It is very beautiful island that has very famous bright white statues like the Hermes of Praxiteles and the Venus de Milo….. The Paros picked the eyes of its guests with its beauty, history, churches and myths about pirates. It welcomes you!

Parikia is the charming capital, you will enjoy walking through the narrow streets, you will see some of the major attractions of the island and in the evening you can relax in some clubs or bars that are waiting for you.

In Naoussa you will see the picturesque harbor of the Aegean and you can have your dinner overlooking the beautiful sunset.
In picturesque villages of the island you will enjoy romantic walking through the traditions walls and trees. Poplar, Marpissa Aliki Ambelas, Back Lawn, Punta are the most popular settlements where you should not miss to go.

Paros has 120 miles of coastline and it is full of excellent beaches for all tastes. There are beaches for rest and relaxation, beaches with beach – bars and intense fun.
Families can relax on the beaches that are situated near the Salt Lake, Drios, Kolymbithres. Young groups can relax in clubs that are located on the beaches, there are such destinations like Monastery, Parasporos and Punta. The meeting place for those who adore surf is in Santa Maria, but for those who want more intimacy there are more calm destinations like beaches of Agia Irini, Langeri, Logaras and Canyons. There are a lot of beaches that you can to get there only by boat, we are sure that you will enjoy swimming in clear water and sunbathing on golden beaches.”Boudari ” area, a few meters from Golden Beach and Drios, is ideal for different types of holidays!
On the Golden Beach every summer you can take a part in World Championship of Windsurfing (Wind Surf), which takes place in early August. The winds that blow in this region make this beach ideal for wind surf. If you like to kite surfing you can go to the beaches like Punta, New Golden Beach, Santa Maria, Paros and others.

Sight seeing:
– Ancient Quarries
– The Castle in Parikia
– The Castle of Naoussa
– Valley of the Butterflies
– Archaeological Museum of Paros
– Ekatontapyliani and the Byzantine Museum

Cultural Events (Panigiria)
– Panaghia
For more than 1500 years the 15th of August has been the most special day of the summer on Paros. It is observed as a National Holiday and celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary for whom the ancient and very beautiful Panaghia Ekatontapyliani church is named. No expense is spared by the Municipality as suddenly the sky erupts unto a spectacular fireworks display high above little fishing boats ablaze with red smokey signal flares and the sound of the ferryboats saluting the occasion with long blasts on their horns and the celebration from the crowd. Colorfully dressed in their traditional costumes the Municipal Dancing Group whirls to the music which is the lifeblood of Greece.
Celebrations continue into the early morning hours not only in bars, clubs and taverns but also sometimes more quietly under the ever-present brilliant canopy of stars.
-Feast of Pirates
Every summer on August 23 there is a representation of the invasion of Barbarossa and pirates of Naoussa, on 1537 when have stolen women of Naoussa and they battled to retake them back. Before and after “Koursariki Night” of Naoussa, people dressed like pirates strewn over the streets of the village during all the night that is full of fun and “rum”. This fantastic experience and an opportunity for celebration and dancing will stretch you on the floor.

If you want to trip around the island it is very easy, because Paros has very good road. For those who did not have a car there are many rental agencies, motorcycle, scooters and bicycles, or you can also use the local buses and taxi.

The other island Antiparos is located southwest of Paros. You just need 8 minutes with ferry from Punta to get to this beautiful island.

Paros is a small island but you can not to discover it and you need to go there again and again. When you will return to your country you will keep in your mind all the smells, sunsets, blue sky, transparent waters, intense bright Aegean sun, and small white houses.
So the only thing that you need is to turn there again and again … …

How to get to Paros:
By airplane
Daily flights are from Athens airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) to the airport of Paros.
In summer months there are frequent flights.
To fly to Paros from Greece and from abroad More Info
By boat
To Paros you can get with a ferry from the port of Piraeus. There are you can find a lot daily routes with ships and speedboats.
Paros is connected with local services, lines from Naxos, Santorini, Ios, Syros, Karlovassi, Vathy and Crete.

Sports & nature

Water Sports, Windsurfing NATURE For those who love nature and its beauties there are interesting and recommended trails to sandy beaches, passable dirt roads and trails for friends of hiking, lovers of cycling and horse riding with thoroughbred horses available for rent in western Paros!
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