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Welcome to the world of sophistication and full of feelings. The Pozar Pallas Salt Cave & Spa Hotel has been operating since December 2008. It was built with the taste of the family of John Ouzounis with unique benefits. In the hotel Pozar Pallas we promise you that you will get away from the routine and stress of everyday life and to achieve you idyllic holiday.

The Pozar Pallas Salt Cave & Spa Hotel has 16 rooms, 4 suites and 1 apartment. The rooms can accommodate from 2 to 3 persons and apartments up to 7 people.
It also features the first salt cave it is the first hotel in Greece. Here we explore the world of beauty, relaxation and therapeutic properties in Salt cave and in Spa.

Rooms Facilities
All rooms are individually decorated and feature
– Central heating
– LCD satellite TV,
– Safe boxes,
– Internet,
– Mini bar
– 10 rooms have a fireplace.
– The suites also feature Jacuzzi
– The apartment has a computer with printer.

Hotels facilities:
– Internet Corner
– Café Bar
– Snack Bar
– Breakfast in the dining room

Spa facilities:
– Solarium
– Barber
– Nail Care
– Waxing
– Sauna
– Bath
– Fitness
– Privet Jacuzzi
– 35 massage treatments (algae, essential oils, gender gold, etc.)
– 15 Face and Body Treatments

 Salt Cave & Spa
Salt caves
are wide spread in many foreign countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Russia,    Romania, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, USA, Germany) for their healing properties.
The walls and ceiling are covered with rocks; our mineral salt is from Kashmir, Pakistan, the      floor contains a mixture of Polish rock salt and sea salt from the Dead Sea.
Finally the interior of waterfall is a natural ionizer in conjunction with heated floor and  completed with a trace of salt atmosphere, creating a microclimate with beneficial value to  human health.

The remaining 45 minutes in Salt caves correspond to 3 days of exposure to clean sea breeze.

Medical studies have shown that the microclimate of Salt cave helps to:
– Skin
– Respiratory Infections
– Cardiovascular Diseases
– Diseases of Gastrointestinal System
– Metabolic Disorders
– Anti-Aging
– Nervous System
– Skeletal system disorders

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  • Air Condition
  • Telephone
  • TV
  • WiFi

[:en]Pozar Thermal Spa [:ru]Pozar Термальные источники

[:en]Pozar Thermal Spa [:ru]Pozar Термальные источники

Pella water, the elixir of life
Thermal springs that gush out from the riverbed of Agios Nikolaos and magnificent natural scenery, form the picture of the region of Loutraki in Aridaia.
Thermalism, known even since Roman years, testifies the healing and the relaxing qualities of the water. The cluster of caves, with evidence of the human presence since the Neolithic period,as well as the eminent gorge of Ramno Bor (Isso Pefko) complement the composition of the landscape.

Pella water, the enchantment of the rush
Waterfalls enthuse and fascinate. Big and small waterfalls, in various formations are the landmark of the region and form the identity of the area.
On the foot of the rocky plateau where they gush from, where the rush of the water rushes its peak, the scheduled buildings of the early industrial period of the Hempseed factory reflect the close relation to the human element.

Heat and cold in Pozar baths
In a beautiful green landscape, full of trees, waterfalls, cliffs and spectacular views, visitors can enjoy the unique hot springs. The Pozar Thermal Baths attract many tourists every year who seek treatment, relaxation, wellness and relaxation.
The hot springs are aimed for those who want to incorporate their holiday around natural, mountain environment. The facilities of the complex are organized in a small resort with hotels, swimming pools, changing rooms, restaurants, bars, offering every possible service to the visitor.

When the temperature outside reaches 5 or 10 degrees, the water in the Pozar Baths is about 37 degrees • a gift of nature in beautiful Pella, is hot baths … an external environment.
It’s pretty weird feeling to sit next to a waterfall out in nature, in a warm pedestals with water that is about 37 degrees when the temperature around you is just 5 points.
The Pozar Baths is undoubtedly one of the best locations in Greece, you should know that this is the suitable place for long vacations or just for short trips!

Distances to Pozar Baths
Thessaloniki: 90 km
Veria: 75 km
Edessa: 47 km
Archaeological place of Pella: 78 km
Archaeological place of Vergina: 90 km

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