In the picturesque region of Ilia in the south of Edipsos located about 8 km at the foot of the mountain “Telethrion” apartments of John and Helen Kapougiati.

Kapougiati Studios
Contact: John Kapougiatis
Beach Ilia, Evia
Studios’ facilities:
– Air conditioning
– Kitchen
– Parking
– Playground
– Barbeque
-Garden with lawn

Rooms’ facilities:
– TV
– A / C
– Fully equipped kitchen

The Ilia

is located at the foot of Mountain Telethrion. It is a picturesque seaside village with incredible natural beauty that causes visitors’ attention. It took its name from the Temple of Apollo οf the Sun that existed in ancient times.

The apartments at Ilias Kapougiati Edipsos are the perfect destination for a quiet holiday, it is unique place to relax near the beautiful sea and offer to you all that you want.

Other activities:
– Hiking
– Horse Riding
– Mountain Bike
Visits to nearby monasteries: Monastery of St. George Monastery and Ilia and Moni Chrysovalantou

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At one end of the village, above the newly configured port where they can dock small boats, stands the “LIGHTHOUSE” of Ilia!
From that point, the visitor who wishes to explore the surrounding area, will make the walk of vehicular promenade along the coast (approx. 700 meters from one end to the other), thus having the opportunity to taste local delicacies in each kind shops (cookers, grills, bakeries, cafeterias, bar), shopping fresh produce, enjoy a pristine beach that stretches along the coastal road which, apart from the bathroom, ideal both for fishing and for underwater spear fishing (the area famous for its octopus fishing).
The road ends in the hot thermal spring of Ilia, the water which runs through the substrate of the coast and gravel spurting at sea level. The water is warm (temperature of exits 50 Co), is odorless and very salty. The spot in the sea where the hot spring gushes up by the early morning hours by many bathers who wish to enjoy the healing properties. Of course all the surrounding sea has a beneficial effect, since the therapeutic ingredients are spread across the marine region.

Must See
Petrified forest
A rare geological monument of nature, which the visitor should include the exploration of the wider region, is the petrified forest between the villages Kerasia cherry-Agia Anna-priests. It has age 10-20 million years, and the area …
Monastery of Agia Irini
Following the road to Rovies and 5 km. From Ilia, the visitor encounters a newer monastery dedicated to St Irene the Chrisovalantou. This is the first monastery of Saint Irene with the new “Julian” calendar.
Monastery of St. George
In the southwest side of Mount Telethrion and 7 km. From Ilia, is the historic monastery of St. George at an altitude of four hundred meters, built on a magnificent site. The view from the street is panoramic – from above Ilia look like a painting …

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