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Staying at a real 18th century mansion is an experience one should not miss! It thrills your imagination while the unique warm-colored pink stone of Chios used for construction of incredible island villas (‘archontiko’) brings the scent of the past to you. That was the way the rich lived at that time and we recommend you to get a taste of such a 18th century life style!
Such unique mansions can be found only in one area of Chios – that is of Kambos (means “field”). The area used to be famous of “perivolia”, lush gardens full of citrus trees belonging to each separate mansion. They are surrounded by the walls of the same reddish stone of Chios. Those mansions with gardens were belonging to the those people of Chios who managed to make a fortune trading with Genovese in the 18th century. Many of them were the Genovese “country houses”.

The citrus fruits of Chios have such a special flavor and taste that once you try them, you will never forget them.
At those time they were famous abroad and Chios made a great money sending them to Odessa (then belonging to Russia).

Kambos area lies at a short distance (about 10-15 min by car) from the capital and port of Chios while several nice beaches (among them one of the best Karfas beach with fine yellow sand and shallow waters) are in 10-15 min drive as well.
Staying at Kambos is a unique experience and a chance not only to breathe fresh air scented with oranges and lemons but also relaxing in a very quiet atmosphere, so noble and so intimate.
More than that, you can walk to the museum of citrus and buy local products carefully made from local fruits.

And here you’ll find Mavrokordatiko mansion. It impresses by its pink columns showing its best at the sunset. A yard with mosaic pebble floor and many 18th century’s attributes will surprise you telling you a lot about its history under the personal guiding of the hotel director Mr. Dimitris. Aren’t you curious about peculiar details of the way of life at those times? Then come and ask, and live the history as close as you could never imagine.

The origin of the name “MAVROKORDATOS” is derived from the two great Byzantine families, the Mavrous and the Gordatous, which became Mavrogordatos and eventually Mavrokordatos. The family members settled in Chios around 1570 when they developed commercial and economic ties with the Genovese..
The Mavrokordatiko building was constructed in January, 1736. Since that time it was passed down to family members until 1938 when its last generation donated it to the Chios Municipality. Today it is used as a traditional guest house, restaurant and cafeteria.
Here, where the deep green of the orchard blends harmoniously with the reddish-beige of the stone, where natural beauty warmly embraces the traditional mansion of an earthly master, here the past meets the present.

Here you will find total tranquility as Mavrokordatiko offers only 9 first class rooms at your convenience.

Mansion facilities:

Restaurant-café * Breakfast room * Tables with chairs for your drinks or coffee under the shade of the trees in our yard with mosaic pebble floor

Room facilities:

-Satellite TV,
– Mini bar,
– Radio,
– Spacious bathroom with window,
– Hairdryer,
– Telephone,
– Air-conditioning,
– Safe box,
– Fax,
– Wireless internet.

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[:en] Chios[:ru]Хиос

[:en] Chios[:ru]Хиос


 If you want to fell it, to understand the atmosphere on the island you should go there….
If I tell you that here was Christopher Columbus?Is it true that in some villages on this island some people have the same name and surname?
If I tell you that here was born Saint Marcella?
Hers brief life is connected with Chios, and the day of her birthday July 22 all the pilgrims and all woman who have the name Marcella from all over Greece come here.
Can I hint that here are performed miracles of healing?
Can I whisper to you that on Chios you can plunge in the mysteries of the middle age, visiting the villages Anavatos, Avgonima and Mesta?
Or exclaim loudly that Chios – the only place in the world, which produces mastic, which makes excellent taste of any sweetness, mastic, which previously competed with vanilla and is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes?

Here you will find more information about mastic of Chios
Here you will find recipes with mastic of Chios

Of course, you can just fall apart and lie on the beach in Karfas (golden sand and shallow sea),St. Markell (pebbles), and Nagose, Yosonose(pebbles) or Maura Volya (black pebbles and spectacular scenery), but you can skip one day in Turkey (or vice versa, from Turkey to Chios!) or to participate in gathering mastic, to eat roast goat in the medieval village Avgonima, to visit Omirupoli and Daskalopetra, where taught Homer, to discover silver religious affiliation of tsarist of Russia in the medieval sites, or just to enjoy the amazing taste of the local citrus and their products and to take a ride on the Genoese “summer cottages”, and you must to look “Argentikon.”

I’ll tell you a secret: the man, who presented to the king’s table the caviar from Russia and Europe, was from … Chios! And the island itself had close relationships with St. Petersburg
Chios has another secret: come here in March and see … field of wild tulips in Anemone.

Can I surprise you saying that Chios – is the birthplace of tulips, from where they were moved to the Netherlands?
Numerous of Byzantine monasteries and churches will truly amaze you with its history!
Want to know more?
…….Be sure to come to this unusual island, as you know it is better to see once than hear a hundred times!!

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