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If it’s true that an image speaks louder than a thousand words then prepare yourself for an endless flow of poetic and blissful words that will stay with you in rainy days! The villas, being in an absolute harmony with the surroundings, are located on one of the most eye-catching hillsides of the village which lands up into the sea. In a location of four acres, seven traditional villas are built overlooking the islands of Chios, Samos & Mykonos. With respect to the environment & the traditional architecture, the Toxotis Villas promise to offer you everything you look for in carefree & enjoyable holidays.
The housing complex is wonderfully built into four two-storey & two one-storey villas which would serve as your haven during your holidays. Just imagine yourself relaxing by the pool, enjoying a breathtaking sea view gazing at the only lighthouse in the nearby hill, drinking a cocktail made especially for you and failing to “trap” your eyes in the book you never managed to read all winter!

The total seven villas are autonomous, creating for the tenants a mood of feeling-at-home. They are encircled by large verandas with splendid vistas to the infinite blue of the Ikarian Sea.

Rooms’ facilities
– Fully equipped kitchen,
– Living room with fireplace,
– Mini bar,
– LCD TV with satellite channels,
– Bathroom (endowed with bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer & beauty set)
– Safe for keeping your personal articles.

As the sound from the sea waves whispers in your ears and the little lighthouse catches your eyes , the unique blue colour of Aegean Sea becomes a whole new sensation in Toxotis Villas, a setting designed to accommodate fairytale weddings and imaginative happenings.
Eerie, atmospheric and beautiful, the setting looks like a riddle, charming and mysterious. A unique oasis located in an unusual landscape that travels to faraway fairy lands. The nature in its magnificence sets the tempo taking the role of a maestro conducting a spectacular symphony of breathtaking sights and seeing ……..At night, the soft surrounding lights and the calm water from the pool to mirror the starry sky add a new romantic dimension to the area. The natural beauty is the perfect canvas for decoration beyond the ordinary. You are just about to live your dream! All you have to do is close your eyes and let your desires and imagination leads you to your event. Imaginative and delightful menu options will be the passport to a reception with class, impeccable service, delicious tastes and specialties that will be discussed and reminisced! Every corner of the Toxotis Villas, every small detail has been made and chosen with care and respect for each guest!

Impressive, classy and luxurious decor reflects both, the magical feeling of the Aegean Sea and the unique energy of the island!
At Toxotis Villas, your wedding will be a dreamy event in a setting made in heaven!

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  • Telephone
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[:en] Ikaria[:ru]Икария

[:en] Ikaria[:ru]Икария

The key to longevity….in wonderful island of Ikaria!
Ikaria has a pristine beauty that should not be missed. Here is the hospitality of the local inhabitants. The island is located west of Samos and it is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday! Since ancient times was known as Ikaria health resort, mainly due to its thermal springs, which were believed to may reduce pain, heal joints and skin diseases. To prevent looting, the ikarian people moved their villages high on the rocky slopes.
This isolation has led the people in a unique way of life!
Over the centuries, without outside influence, the islanders developed his own approach to life, based on, among others, is the relentless optimism and penchant for partying, both good qualities can reduce stress. Furthermore ikarians like to go to bed after midnight. As we learned, most of those over 90 are sexually active!

How to get there
You can get here by plane or ship: Nearby islands include Mykonos to the west, Patmos to the south, Samos to the east, & Chios to the north.
National ferry boat lines regularly connect Ikaria with Athens (Pireaus Port), Paros, Naxos, Samos, Fournoi, Mykonos, and Chios.
Connections to and from Turkey are also possible via Samos.
Ikaria is easily and conveniently reached by air all year round directly from Athens via Olympic Air.

More about Ikaria
The name of the island was named after the legendary Icarus, son of Daedalus, who, according to myth, escaped from Crete with his father, flying on the wings tied to his shoulders. Fascinated by flying Icarus ignored his father’s instruction went too far to the sun, the wings are held together by wax melted by the heat, Icarus fell into the sea and drowned.
So the sea was called the Ikarian, and the nearest island – Ikaria. Ionians established themselves on the island at the end of IX century BC Ikaria later became a member of Delian League. In the XIII century, the island was captured by the Venetians, and in 1524 – the Turks. In July 1912, the island rose, expelled the Turks and declared an independent state Icarian, which after 4 months reunited with Greece.

Ikaria is a very beautiful island, which offers tourists a wide choice:
– You can walk around the set of the hospitable villages of the island
– Enjoy the beauty of the island, from his walk from the gorge Halari
– Enjoy the clean sea and get chocolate tan on the best beaches of the island
– Visit Therma, where the healing water sources and heal your body
– Enjoy the sunrise from the ancient castle in Dracaena
– A stay at the festivities and learn to dance the dance of Icarian
– Visit a museum (St. Kirik, Kambia, Perdika, etc.), monasteries and temples

Best Beaches: This Island has its own “wild” beauty: lots of green, high mountains, rivers, ravines, and most importantly – its wonderful beaches!
Their great variety, to name only a few: Evdilos, Ieros, Pharos , Kambos , Livadi, Nas, Messakti, Therma, Armenistis and Seychelles… one of the most remarkable beaches of Ikaria.

Caves: The Island has a large number of different types of caves, and many residents of the island do not even know of their existence. Many of them had traces of some ancient rituals and archaeological finds.
Each of these caves history, the myth that we wish you to know, having been there.
These are the caves, as Katafygi (Katafygi village, at the foot of the church of St. Nicholas), Protari (village Glaredo) Halaris (in the village Hrisostomo) Spileo (at Pharos) Drakospilo (in Perdika), initialed (in Hrisostomo) Lukaraos (in Drutsula), Alam (in Akamatre) and many others.

Hot Mineral Springs of Ikaria
The history of medical hot springs closely connected with the history of the area. The ancient Greeks were the first who used water treatment, as well as the ancient Greek physicians, historians, physicists, geographers, which gave meaning and the value of mineral waters.
The first who discovered their existence was the historian Herodotus, who later described the large number of such natural resources. Ikaria – 1 of the 17 most important natural springs of healing waters of Greece. Here are 8 of these sources, which vary the water temperature.
These sources such as: Thermal and Thermo-Hlio, Askilipiu, St. Chirico Spileu Pamphili, Kratsa, Artemidos and Apollonos.
“Immortal water” ……So one of the Hot Mineral Springs of Ikaria which they help to get rid of stones and sand in the kidneys and cysts.

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